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you trade a old saddle for a pan go to the stream and when you see gold click where the gold is

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Q: How do you get the gold nugget on poptropica on wild west island in the stream?
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Who needs the gold nugget in the poptropica?

You take the gold nugget to nabooti island and go to the traders. In return for the gold nugget, they wil give you something to help you finish the game.

What do you do with the gold nugget on wild west island on poptropica?

spend it on a bottle earls tonics

What is the gold nuggetr for in poptropica?

The gold nugget in the Kaya Forests is for trading with the guy that accepts gold or money. The gold nugget in Wild West island is for getting medicine from the medicine guy.

What do you do with the gold nugget on poptropica?

You go to Nabooti island and then go to the traders. They will offer something you need.

Where can you exchange the gold nugget for tonic in rock ridge in the island of cryptids in poptropica?

You get it at RJ Earl's.

Where is the gold on Poptropica?

Nabooti Island : (Kaya Forests) there is a gold nugget in the palm tree above the second hut.Astro Knights Island : the gold coin is in the fountain next to the museum.

What do you do with the gold nugget on wild west poptropica?

you get the gold nugget then you go to rock ridge and you give the guy with the horse

How do you get the gold nugget on wild west poptropica?

you half to get a gold pan.

How do you get the invisibility drink on poptropica wild west island?

if you have the gold nugget your supposed to get in a secret location, go to Rock Ridge and there will be a man selling a drink to another man. give him your gold nugget, and you'll get more than an invisibility drink... :)

Is there any money in Poptropica?

Buying costumes and effects on Poptropica uses Poptropica Credits, which are either earned (by completing island quests) or purchased.In the GamesYou get valuables and cash in various ways to complete the island quests. There is a gold nugget on Nabooti Island, a gold coin on Astro Knights, lots of doubloons on Skullduggery, and some cash ($5) on Cryptids Island.

How do you get a camera for safari pictures in poptropica?

Go to Kaya Forests and there is a gold nugget in the trees. Go to Nabooti and swap the gold nugget for a camera

What do you use the gold nugget for on poptropica?

u trade it 4 a camera