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The gold coin is in the fountain in astronights.

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Q: How do you get the gold to go into the museum in poptropica?
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Where is the assistant curator Poptropica?

You can find her when you get the package from the museum and it tells you to go to the museum in early poptropica

What do you do with the gold coin on poptropica's astro nights?

You use it to pay for the museum

How do you get the package on Poptropica?

Go to the museum and some how you will get it

What do you do with the key on early poptropica?

you go to the museum

Where do you get the key to go into the black widow's house counterfeit poptropica?

At some point, when you go to the museum, a package from the curator of the early poptropica art museum arrives telling you you need to go and see her, so you go to the early poptropica art museum and she gives you the key.

Where is the early Poptropica Museum?

The Poptropica Art Museum is on Early Poptropica. When you land on the main street, just go to the left area, and you'll see it.

How do you get the museum job poptropica?

Go to the dock and then go to the weird guy. He will tell you about the museum. Go to the museum and talk to the police and you will have the job.

Where do the paintings go in the museum on poptropica?

i dont now

How do you get into early poptropica's museum?

Go through the door.

Where do you meet the person couterfeit when you have to go to early Poptropica?

You can see her in the Museum in Early Poptropica

What do you do when you enter the museum in early poptropica?

go on the island and go to the left

Where do you find the assistant curator in Poptropica?

first if you have the painting it says go to the museum on early poptropica or if u beat it shes at the museum in counterfeit

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