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You dress nice and smile at him THE SECOND THING YOU CAN DO IS BE YOURSELF AND DONT OVER DO IT WITH STUFF LIKE JOKES OR CONSTENLY TOUCHING HIM YOU CAN ALSO TRY NEW APPERNCE CHANGE THE WAY YOU DRESS AND SEE IF HE NOTICS YOU BUT DONT CHANGE WHO YOU ARE AND TRY CONVERSTION TO LET HIM KNOW YOU ARE THERE AND CAN HELP. ;] Whatever you do don't act giggly (if you are in High School) but walk up to him and just talk about anything. Smile when you see him and any chance you get talk to him. After a few of these encounters if he hasn't asked you out then muster up the courage and ask him out. You may get a "yes" or a "no", but at least you've tried. Don't take this as rejection at all if he should say no, because it's all about chemistry when it involves the opposite sexes being attracted to each other. If you don't try you'll never know. Don't live on "what ifs." Try to be his friend. And be confident. and don't let anyone else tell you what to think of him because its your opinion that matters. depends on how he acts

You definitely do not need to overdo it- I did and he ended up going out with my best friend! What I mean is, you don't need to be like,"OMG! You are so hot and cute! Omg!!!" Trust me, it doesn't work.

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Q: How do you get the guy you like to notice you?
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How do you get a guy to like you if you don't know him?

Get him to notice you! (:

What do you do when you like a guy but he doesn't notice?

you act sexy or talk to him more so he will notice you

Why do girls laugh a lot when they talk to a guy?

Sometimes it means that they like the guy and what him to notice them

How do you get a guy to notice that your flirting with him?

The best way to get a guy to notice that you are flirting with him is to be direct. If subtle hints are not working, just come right out and tell the guy that you like spending time with him and would like to do so more often.

You like this guy he is in ninth and im in ninth so how do you get him to notice you?

Guys usually notice girls who talk to them.

How can you tell a guy you like don't like you?

If he doesnt talk to you, takes no notice of you, then he doesnt like you. :(

How do you get a guy in a grade higher than you to notice you?

Dress like a tramp!

I really like this guy but he doesn't notice me How can I get him to like me back?

You can go to him and ask him out.or you can give him something.

How do you get the guy you like notice you?

go up and make a conversation its the best way

How do you get the guy you like to notice you when he has a crush on your friend?

act really friendly with them, and flirty.

How do you make a guy notice you while not becoming a?


Why a guy trys impressing you?

It usually means that they like you and they are trying to get you to notice them. He wants you to like him and this is his way of going about it

Is giving a guy who you like a birthday present bad?

Present For A GuyNo, it shows that you care about him and he may even take notice of you.

How do you tell your guy friend you like him but your to scared?

you ask somebody you know to tell him or act like you like him and make him notice!

How do you get a guy to notice you and like you?

laugh at all his jokes. smile when he looks at you. and just be yourself

How do you get the guy that you like to notice you?

Approach him, talk to him. Show a smile, appreciate something in him. Ask him out.

I like this guy but he doesnt know i exist but today...?

do something the guy likes so he will notice you . hope my advice helps .bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does a guy notice in a girl that makes him want her?

How she acts around people and how she dresses. But you shouldent care A guy will like you how you are. Just be patient.

What does it mean if you used to like a guy enough to break up with your bf and now you like another guy but you still want the first guy to notice you and like you but you hate him so much?

check your discussion page and answer your questions

How do you get a guy to like you when your a nobody?

well you can't MAKE a guy like you, but you can show him you like him. Start talking with him about his likes and dislikes, hobbies, and family. Once you become friends, it will be easier to get him to notice you or to tell him you like him.

You really like this guy but he doesnt notice you what should you do?

Make him notice you by talking to him but not in a flirty way and wear your hair different make something stand out about you

How do you make a guy notice you like him?

By flirting with him, or an extremely easy way is to become shy around him.

What does that mean if the guy you like always wants you to notice him by staring at you and prolonging gaze?

he likes u

What do you do if you really like a guy and wishes he asks you out?

keep looking at him, he will notice you are admiring him and he will make a move

What does it mean when a guy stares at you with a serious face and doesn't care if you notice him?

he might like you. it depends