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flash isn't a HM but a TM and you can purchase it at goldenrod city super store thing


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You have to travel to the top of Bellsprout Tower. There, you have to battle the head Elder. After defeating the head Elder, you get the HM Flash in Pokemon Gold (it is a TM in HeartGold).

In Pokémon HeartGold, you can find the Rock Smash HM in Route 36, a fat guy will give it to you.yes. but flash in no longer an HM

In Pokemon Platinum, Flash is a TM.

Look at "How do you get hm flash in blue?" On this site.

No, there are no underwater routes in Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver. The HM Dive is not available in Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver.

on Pokemon yellow on Pokemon yellow

Flash is not an HM. It is a TM available at Veilstone Dept. Store for $1000.

its not an HM anymore you have to find it.

Flash isn't an HM in HG, but you do get it after beating the Elder at the top of Sprout Tower in Violet City, the (I think) 2nd Gym.

you get the HM Flash after beating the electric gym leader, if i recall correctly

All kinds of Electric-Type Pokemon can use the HM Flash. Then most Psychic-Type and Ghost-Type Pokemon too.

whirlpool is not classified as a HM in that Pokemon series, only in heartgold/soulsilver is it a HM, in diamond it is only a simple TM (1use)

It depends on which game you are playing.

You can get the Hm flash of Pokemon silver is from the elder on the top of sprout tower in Violet city. There are alot of trainers through out sprout tower

There is no HM Flash on Pokemon Diamond, I personally think its been replaced by HM05 Defog.

well you can 'guess!!' which sometimes works , or you can just get HM flash teach it to a pokemon you can get HM flash from aide aroudn the viridian forest !

You get it at Route 42 at Mt. Mortar

you get it from oak after beating blue

in Pokemon White its a TM and a guy gives it to you

There is no HM Dive in either Pokemon Silver/Gold or Heartgold/SoulSilver. It is exclusive to the Hoenn games.

After beating the story and obtaining the National Pokedex. Go to Route 15 in Pokemon Black to the Pokemon Shifter Building. Connect a second DS running Heartgold. There you will be able to transfer up to 6 Pokemon from Heartgold to Black/White. Make sure the Pokemon transfering have no items and do not know HM moves(Cut, Surf, Flash, ect) You can not trade or transfer from Black/White back to Heartgold.

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