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beat all the other sagas


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Not the last season, last installment of the dragon ball saga. But yes.

The companies making these games have supposedly stated that Tenkaichi 3 was the last copy of that series. However, if they do run into enough money, they may consider making Tenkaichi 4, and including never before seen characters.

Yes get to Dragon Ball GT stage the third or last one you get Goku SSJ4 and Vegeta SSJ4

when you see a 1 somewhere press 1 and you'll change the last 1 you'll change into s.s.4 GOGETA!

No there isn't , the last one is Dragon ball gt : dragon ball af is not true !

The last name of the Dragon Ball character Picolo is Daimao. Other characters in Dragon Ball include Vegata and Trunks. Another Dragon Ball character is Freeza.

Dragon Ball - 1986 The Last Dragon Ball 3-15 was released on: USA: 13 November 2002

the guy who made dragon ball put a z at the end of dragon ball z to symbolize that this is the last dragon ball. That's why some people consider dragon ball gt to be fake.

In the last arc of dragon ball (not z), they meet up again as adults and fight in the tenkaichi tournament where she reminds him of his promise to marry her (occured much earlier in dragon ball when they were kids), he remembers and keeps his promise, when he leaves on kintoun (flying nimbus) after he beats piccolo in the final, he grabs her and takes her with him. Dragon ball Z starts with them being married and have Gohan.

The last episode in Dragon ball GT is episode 64 until we meet again

iam sorry to tell u but DB gt is the last series of dragon ball though there is dragon ball af but it is fan made

DragoBall GT was the last series.

The last episode on Dragonball is called "The end, The Beggining.

you need to collect all the dragon balls in z battle gate mode and when shenron asks 4 your 1 wish, select the last gate. it should be about the world tournament and kid goku. hope this helped. -Keoni 808 Boi

Super Saiyan 3 is the last Super Saiyan level in Dragon Ball Z. Goku acquires this level when he fights with Buu. In Dragon Ball GT, Goku and Vegeta both become Super Saiyan 4, but that's after Dragon Ball Z.

There will probrobly NOT be a sequal considering they did not put a numper on it like last time. they might get tired of making so many and the creators arnt getting any younger they might just stop

yes in the last episode peace was among the world but not that it could not be continued in dragon ball gt

nope... The last DBZ PS2 game was Infinite World... so T4 will come out on the PS3, the 360 and/or the Nintendo WII!

go on youtube and type in last dragon ball gt episode or a hero's legacy

The last episode is called Until we meet again.

Dragon Ball - 1986 The Last of Mercenary Tao - 3.11 was released on: USA: 7 November 2002

You have to defeat all the characters 5 times in hardest mode with Cooler and the Last must be frieza. Defeat frieza a 6th time and you will unlock it. It may look wierd, but It WORKS!!!

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