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How do you get the manaphy egg?

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you can only gety it once you've completed Pokemon ranger 2 and have done the extra mission with the manaphy egg

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How do you get a Manaphy egg in Pokemon Ranger shadows?

cosigo as the egg of manaphy? cosigo as the egg of manaphy?

How do you get a manaphy egg on my Pokemon Ranch?

breed it with a ditto.if it's a baby manaphy it will have the egg faster,the egg will not be a manaphy.

Instructions on how to get manaphy?

Again,Manaphy Egg!!!

Can any one trade me a manaphy egg?

I don't have a manaphy egg but you can go on ebayand search manaphy egg then give the person your pal pad # and arrange a time to trade over wi fi. hope you get your manaphy egg

How do you get a legendary Pokemon to lay an egg?

Only Manaphy can lay eggs. To get a Manaphy egg, leave a Manaphy in the Day Care with a Ditto and you get a weird looking egg. This hatches into Phione.Phione does not evolve into Manaphy.

How do you get a manaphy egg to hatch in Pokemon diamond?

My Manaphy egg hatched in 2098 steps

Can you get a manaphy egg in Pokemon X?

No, you cannot get a Manaphy Egg in Pokémon X. Manaphy can breed with a Ditto but it will result into a Phione Egg.

Where do you get a manaphy in Pokemon platinum?

you can't. manaphy is very rare. you get a Manaphy Egg.

Can you get an egg with manaphy?


How do you get a manaphy in pearl?

You should get an manaphy egg from the Pokemon ranger

How to get manaphy on Pokemon Pearl?

You get a Manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger.

How can you get legendary egg in Pokemon HeartGold?

No legendary can lay an egg except for manaphy which gives an egg to phione and you can not get manaphy or phione in heartgold

How long does it take for a manaphy egg to hatch?

the egg hatches manaphy since manaphy and phione are different pokemon. it takes about 5000-10000 steps

In Pokemon platniem how do you catch manaphy?

you need Pokemon ranger shadows of alma finish the game you get wonder egg (or manaphy/mysterious egg)but its blue trade it to dpp then voila you have a manaphy egg

How do you get an manaphy egg?

A Manaphy Egg is a Mystery Gift Item. You need Wi-Fi connection for Mystery Gift.

How do you get manathy?

If you mean manaphy you have to hatch it from an egg to get the manaphy egg you have to download it from Pokemon ranger or Pokemon ranger 2

What happens to the manaphy egg after you trade it from Pokemon ranger?

it hatches... into manaphy...

How do you get a phenon you already have a manaphy?

Breed MANAPHY with DITTO to get a PHIONE egg.

Can you get a manaphy egg?

no u cant get eggs but u can get the Pokemon manaphy

How do you find Phione?

You need to get a Manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger, the put the Manaphy and a Ditto in the Day Care and get a Phione egg.

Where do you find the Manaphy egg in Pokemon pearl or diamond?

you get the manaphy egg in Pokemon rangers and send it into Pokemon diamond or pearl

How To Get Manaphy On your Pokedex?

get 2 dittoes and breed them them hatch the egg and you get a phione breed dittoe with phione and u get a manaphy egg

What is the code to get the Manaphy egg in Diamond?

There is no code to get the egg.There is a code to catch manaphy.

How To get Manaphy?

get the manaphy egg on Pokemon ranger put it on diamond from oliver angel

Can you get a Manaphy egg if you put two Manaphy in the daycare?

NO!It would be harder to get 2 Manaphies.A Phione egg is made by Manaphy, not a Manaphy egg.Manaphy can only breed with Ditto.Actually, Manaphy can breed with Pokemon other that ditto. It can breed with any Pokemon in the "Water 1" egg group or the "Fairy" egg group. To see all of the Pokemon it can breed with, click the links in the "related links" section below.Although Manaphy can breed with multiple Pokemon in the Water 1 and Fairy egg groups, it will always breed Phione with a male partner, or a baby of the female partner's species.