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tortured soul and king slime

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Q: How do you get the monster Wight king in dqm?
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Dqm joker is my team good enough to beat demon at arms sabrecat 24- diagomon 26- demon at arms 20?

I am pretty sure it is, i beat him with only one monster ( a lvl 19 wight king ) I would say you can beat him easily (=

What monster can you make with a zoma in dqm?

Malroth + White King (Tortured Soul + King Slime) or Bone Baron (Grim Rider + Dark Slime Knight)

How do you get a Beetlebully on dqm?

metal king slime and beetleboy

How do you get a Mortamor on DQM?

This has how to synthesis every monster in dqmj. Mortamor is made with Nimzo and Estark.

What DQM monster is hot tempted and needs a spitoon?

a spitnik u can find at exforgh or somthing

How do you synthesis a living statue in DQM?

To get a living statue, try synthesising a Golem and another Rank A monster.

In dqm how do you synthesize four monsters?

Have 2 monsters (+) and 2 other monsters (-) the synthesis each monster with each other.

How do you get a Drakularge in Dqm?

just get a dragon based monster and fuse it with other monsters but make sure you fuse them into dragon based monsters

How do you get the moon tablet in dqm?

How do you get the moon tablet in dqm?

Spylsland in poptropea?

how can I talk to the commichiner in dqm how can I talk to the commichiner in dqm

How do you get a grandpa slime dqm?

King Slime + Metal King Slime & King Bubble Slime + Metal Kaiser Slime. NOTE: Grandpa Slime is pretty hard!

In dqm how to get a x ranked monster?

Zoma- Malroth + Bone BaronRuin- Mumboh-Jumboe + Gold GolemPsaro- Ruin + Rose GuardianEstark- Psaro + BeetlebullyZoma is the easiest