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you get staravia to a certain lvl dont worry it works i am not lying

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Platinum is it possible to move your Pokemon from silver and blue to platinum if so how some one who really wants help quick?

It Is Impossible To Move Pokemon, From Pokemon Blue Or Pokemon Silver To Pokemon Platinum Version.

On Pokemon Platinum how do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon Silver and Blue versions?

On Pokemon platinum, you cannot move or migrate Pokemon from Pokemon silver or Pokemon blue version. It can only be done from the Gameboy advanced games. Those are Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald version.

Where do you find endeavor in Pokemon emerald?

Endeavor is a move that can be learned by certain pokemon like Swampert and so on.

How do you get the move defog in Pokemon platinum version?

at the bottom of the solaceon ruins, left of soleceon town

Where is the TM endeavor in Pokemon Black?

Endeavor is not a TM in Pokemon Black. You can only get the move by levelling up or breeding.

How do you move Pokemon from Pokemon Ranger to Pokemon Platinum?

You cant get Pokemon from Pokemon ranger to platinum!

In Pokemon Platinum in the cave how do you get the grunt to move?

hey Pokemon platinum... where did you download the Pokemon platinum game? can you tell me?

In Pokemon Diamond where can you get the move endeavor?

the only Pokemon tat i know that lerns it is staravia

What does endeavor do Pokemon emerald?

Endeavor is actually a very useful move. I strongly recommend to teach it to a Pokemon that will be able to learn endeavor. What it does is that it will make the opponent have the same HP you have during the battle. In other words, say you have 5 HP remainding, you use endeavor and the opponent will have 5 HP. Get my point? It is really a good move, seriously, teach it to a Pokemon! (If you want)

How do you get TM Mean look in Pokemon Platinum?

Mean look is not a TM move in Pokemon Platinum.

What Pokemon uses the move spore in Pokemon platinum?

shroomish!!!!!!!! you have to migrate to get on diamond, pearl and platinum

What is the pokemon platinum move modifier?

The Pokemon Platinum Move Modifier is a cheat that is used by Pokemon players. It allows players the ability to add extra moves to varying Pokemon in their database.

Where is TM84 in Pokemon platinum version?

TM 84 contains the move Poison jab. This TM is located on route 212. This move has a power of 80 and can poison the foe (a really nice move)

Where Do You Get Ancient Power Pokemon Platinum?

its a move your Pokemon might learn

What Pokemon will learn crush on Pokemon platinum version?

Crush is a field move, exclusive to Pokemon Ranger. You may be looking for Crush Claw(sorry if your not!). A good site to see which moves Pokemon can learn is http://www.serebii.net.

How do you use the move endeavor in Pokemon soul silver without fail?

Your Pokemon when they use endeavor must have a lower HP then what the current opponent Pokemon has. If you are successful the opponent Pokemon's HP will be reduced to your current HP.

Is Pokemon Whirpool the same as Pokemon Platinum?

Whirlpool is a move in pokemon. It's not a game.

How can your dragon type Pokemon learn Draco meteor in Pokemon Platinum?

Draco Meteor is not available by TM or Move Tutor in Pokemon Platinum.

Pokemon platinum how do you move the phyducks?

Get the SecretPotion from Cynthia

What type of move is endeavor?

Endeavor is a normal type move I believe.

Can you swap diamond and pearl Pokemon to Pokemon Platinum?

well yes but if platinum were to have new Pokemon or new movesthen youd have to take that Pokemon and Pokemon with new move out of your party.

How do you get a Pokemon from a Pokemon card to your Pokemon platinum?

you cant,but you can catch the Pokemon on your card, and teach it the move set

What Pokemon can you catch that know the move fly in Pokemon platinum?

You have to get a 'HM Fly' and use it on a Pokemon

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