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How do you get the move strength for Pokemon diamond Nintendo ds?


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You can find HM Strength south of Soleacon Town at the top of the Lost Tower. One of 2 ladies at the top gifts you with this.

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The move in Pokémon Diamond that allows you to move boulders that are in the way as you're traveling the Sinnoh region is called Strength. Strength is a Hidden Machine that you can find in the top floor of the Lost Tower.

its called strength and you get it from a gymleader that you beat

Luxray can learn strength which will move big boulders. hope i helped!

easy you get the hm strength and then you can move all the bolders you need to

You use Strength to roll the movable boulders.

you have to get the hm strength then beat the gym leader in canalave city

you can use the hm strength you can smash rocks with rock smash

HM04 strength is located in the Lost Tower in Pokemon Diamond. The Lost Towers is located on route 209 just south of Solaceon town.

Go to the move deleter in Canalave City (that is the only way to delete HM moves.)

get hm strength from iron island beat the gym leader in canalave teach strength to 1 of your Pokemon in your party and there you go

a gym leader can't teach a Pokemon that move but you have to defeat the 6 gym leader in order to teach that move

You can get Gible on Pokemon Diamond in the Wayward Cave hidden under Cycling Road in Route 206. You will need the HM move Strength to access the cave.

You can't get rid of boulders, you can only move them around and that's only with a Pokemon that knows the HM strength.

If you mean battle revoulution for the Wii, than you don't need one but you can move your own Pokemon and use them in the game.

On route 209, there is a tower called the "Lost Tower" In the very top floor, there is going to be an old lady that will give the HM Strength.

You need to have a Pokemon that knows the move Strength (HM 04). But if you have a Pokemon that can learn it but you only want to use the move once, be warned, once the Pokemon learns a HM move, it cannot be erased, or you might say, it cannot learn a move in replace of it.

Teach the HM Rock Smash to a Pokemon and interact with the rock. Round rocks need the move strength and not all Pokemon can use these moves.

there is no dive in diamond,pearl,or platnuim.just cut,fly,surf,strength,defog,rock smash,waterfall,and rock climb.

Your Pokemon needs to know the move, "Strength"

You will need a Pokemon with the move Strength, then interact with the boulder and the Pokemon will use Strength, which allows you to push the boulder around as long nothing is in its way. To get the HM Strength for this, you will need to go to the top of Lost Tower (It's located south of Solaceon Town) and talk to the old lady on the right.

bla87 said: its in the lost tower in the middle of solaceon town and the hallowed tower KatChani said: Once you've got it, teach it to a pokemon. When you get to a boulder that needs strength to move, interact(press A) with it, and it will ask if you would like your pokémon to use strength.

It is used to move boulders.

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