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How do you get the move surf?

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well first you have to beat the fighting gym leader in veilstone then the leader gives you a TM and surf there ya go

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How does a surf board move?

momentum from the surf. speed

Pokemon platinum wear to get the move surf?

You have to beat the pastroria gym leader in order to get the move surf.

How do you use surf on water in heartgold?

You have to get the move Surf. Then teach it to a Pokemon. After that if there is a place where you want to Surf press A.

Where do you get the move surf in Pokemon diamond?

You unlock the HM move Surf when you beat Fantina. Before that, you go to celestic town and you will meet Cynthia's grandmother in the ruins she will give you surf.

If your pikachu forgets surf from the move deleter can it learn it back from the hm surf?

dats a neck he cant surf

What Pokemon has the move surf in Pokemon black?

The only was to have a Pokemon that knows Surf is by teaching it via the HM Surf.

Is it possible to make the move surf on Pokemon diamond unlimited?

surf is a hm. It is unlimited.

What city do you get the move surf in Pokemon diamond?

Celestic Town is the city/town in which you'll get Surf at.

What move do you get from the gym leader in hearthome city?


Where do you get the move surf on platum?

celestic town shrine

Where is the move surf?

You get it from Wally's dad in Petalburg City.

What is the most famous surf move?

Soul Surfer

What Pokemon can do the move surf?

The majority of water types

What if the move deleter says your Pokemon isn't willing to give up a move?

If this problem was cast on HM. You must teach that HM move to another pokemon. So That will be able to delete it. Meaning... There must be at least 1 of this move in your team (or computer)... What mean? -- Teach swampert Surf... -- Can't delete swampert's surf... -- Teach surf to tentacool -- Delete swampert's surf!! YAY! I can delete... Just do follow this.

Why did my Lapras reach level 10 but not learn Surf?

Surf is an HM move. It cannot be learned on it's own. You must get the Surf HM (HM 03) in order to teach Lapras Surf.

How do you get to the four islands if your Pokemon cant use the move surf in soul silver?

you need surf to get to the four ilsands

What level does marill learn surf move?

Marill doesn't learn surf naturally; must use hm

How get surf on Pokemon ruby?

You have to beat fantina after you beat five gym leaders, then you earn the hidden move surf.

Should you go for a surf?

yes because it is really strong move and 100% accuracy and can surf out side the battle.

In Pokemon Sapphire what is the best move to beat a torkal?


I know a great move on muk its surf.?

Hows that a question!?

How do you cross water in Pokemon?

You will need a Pokemon that can learn Surf or has the move Surf. When you walk up to the water's edge, tap A or go into Party and select the Pokemon with the move Surf. The Pokemon will be called out and your character will ride on its back, while it's swimming through the water.

Where do you surf in the reverse world in Pokemon platinum?

You don't need surf to get through the distortion world. You only need the move strength.

How do you get the move surf on Pokemon White?

when your heading to iccirus city, youl'l run into the pokemon league champion and he'l give you surf

Were do you find surf in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you find the move surf somewhere near mt coronet. i dont know where but it DEFINETLY near mt coronet you find the move surf somewhere near mt coronet. i dont know where but it DEFINETLY near mt coronet