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First you go into the pokemart and on the clipboard on the counter type in "link together with all" and the clerk should say something , then save the game. After that you should have mystery gift on you title screen, then link up with someone else who has Pokemon fire red mystery gift and you should get the mystic ticket at a pokemart for free.

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Q: How do you get the mystic ticket in Pokemon FireRed?
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If you have 150 Pokemon you can get mystic ticket in firered?


What is a mystery gift in Pokemon FireRed?

A mystery gift you can obtain in firered is an aurora ticket and a mystic ticket.

Where to get mystic ticket in pokemon firered?

Nintendo event or cheating

Navel rock on Pokemon FireRed?

You need the mystic ticket to get to navel rock on firered.

Where do you use the mystic ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

you use it on cinnabber island

How do you get Ho-oh and lugia in Pokemon firered?

You have to have the Mystic ticket

Can you get luigia in Pokemon firered virsion?

yes, you get the mystic ticket or the aurora ticket, cant remember which.

Can you get the mystic ticket by spelling ''MYSTIC'' with unown?

Spelling the word Mystic with Unown is not how you receive the Mystic Ticket. The Ticket is an event item given out in Pokemon events and is exclusive to Pokemon Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen. The event is currently no longer being supported.

How do you get a mysticket in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The Mystic ticket is an event item in Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen and Emerald. The Mystic Ticket cannot be obtained as the event that distributed it has ended years ago.

How do you find Lugia Pokemon FireRed?

You need to beat the pokemon luge,broks city,mystic ticket

How do you get the mystery ticket Pokemon firered and leafgreen?

I think you exchange it with a MYSTIC WATER or a CHEAT.

Where is the unknows in Pokemon FireRed?

Spell the word "mystic" with the unknown Pokemon. Then go back to professor oak if you have 60 Pokemon at least. He should give you a mystic ticket.

How do you get islands 8 and 9 on Pokemon firered?

you have to have the mystic ticket to get to island 8 and th aorua ticket get you to island 9

What is the 'simplest' way to get a Mystic Ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

pick ur toenail

Where is the mystic sleeping Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

there is no mystic sleeping

How do you get on 8 and 9 island in Pokemon FireRed?

get a mystic ticket or something related to a pass or ticket. [ not rainbow passor tri- pass].

What is the Action Replay Max Code for getting the Mystic Ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

it is all of the codes on the system

How do you use the mystic ticket on pokemon firered?

you can go to navel rock to catch lugia and ho-ho

Cant you go to birth island wihout mystic ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

No, not unless u cheat.

How do you get to navel rock in firered and leafgreen if you missed the Pokemon event?

You can't go there unless you have the mystic ticket.

Where is Navel Rock in Pokemon FireRed?

navel rock is the 8th island out from Cinnibar island. but you need the mystic ticket

Mystic ticket at Pokemon Emerald?

Do not cheat just find a friend with the mystic ticket and a mystery gift and bam you get mystic ticket

How do you get the mystic ticket Pokemon FireRed?

wait I think I got it yep I do, the answer is .... NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW. Unless you hack your game.

How do you get Mystic Ticket in Pokรฉmon FireRed?

Nintendo Event

Can you get a mystic ticket by spelling mystic with unknowns?

no the only way to get a mystic ticket is from a Pokemon event or a e-reader