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to get the ninth badge on crystal versoin u have to eat my undies with tomato sauce with cow poo

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How do you get a Bulbasaur in Pokemon Crystal?

Trade a Pokemon from an old version and make sure you have the fifth badge.

How do you get the ninth badge in Pokemon FireRed?

It is not possible to get a ninth badge in Pokemon FireRed. You can only get eight badges in Pokemon FireRed.

Where can you find amulet coin in crystal version?

after u get the 2nd badge , go home and speak to ur mom and u will get it..

What Badge is needed to surf in crystal?

The Fog Badge. obtained from Morty in Ecruteak City

How do you get the sixth badge in Pokemon Platinum for gba version?

Pokemon platinum GBA version is a hacked version and you cannot get the sixth and eighth badge.

Where do you get chancey in crystal version?

you can get a chansey in route12,13,14,and 15 in crystal version

How do you get the ninth badge in heartgold?

go to kanto and versus lt. serge

How do you trade Pokemon from gold version to crystal version?

If you can trade Pokemon from crystal version to gold version my guess is yes

Where you can catch registeel in crystal version?

Registeel doesn't exist in crystal version.

How to get the ninth badge in Pokemon Gold?

go to kanto and beat lt surge

How do you trade from crystal to crystal?

To trade Pokemon from Pokemon Crystal version to another version of Crystal you need to use a link cable. You can also battle this way.

How do you get the fifth badge in Pokemon Blue version?

You need to defeat Koga in Fuchsia City to get the 5th badge, the Soul Badge.

Get fifth gym badge in red version?

the fifth badge is from Sabrina in Saffron City.

What is next after 6th badge in yellow version?

7th badge.. blaine the fire dude

Where do you find Heracross in Pokemon Crystal Version?

In Pokemon Crystal Version, a Heracross will occasionally appear when you use headbutt on trees.

Can you trade between Yellow version and Crystal version in Pokemon?

Yes but you can't have any new Pokemon in crystal when your trading

How do you get the move cascade in Pokemon Crystal?

Cascade is not a move. It is a badge given by Misty.

In Pokemon Crystal what badge is required for waterfall?

I'm pretty sure it should be the last badge before you go off to the elite 4:)

How do you get the fifth badge on Pokemon ruby version?

go back to petalburg after you get badge 4 and take the gym challenge

How do you catch Suicune on crystal version?

in any version you need a masterball

How do you get the ninth badge on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Go to the gym in Vermillion City in Kanto and battle Lt. Surge, the Gym Leader. He'll give you the 9th Gym Badge after you defeat him.

How do you get the seventh badge in Pokemon Crystal?

You have to beat the gym leader, Pryce, in Mahogany City.

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