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So first of all Nookingtons (not nookton) is not I said not a seed but is nook's final upgrade. And if you thought you were supposed to grow the store...well you probably NEED mental help.

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Q: How do you get the nookton seed on animal crossing wild world?
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Can you get a bridge seed in Animal Crossing wild world?

No, only on the wii animal crossing.

Is there a daily pitfall seed on animal crossing wild world?

I think there is or every other day.

What is the brick seed action replay code for animal crossing wild world?

i no nothing of a brick seed but theres a brick pattern u can get from the walrus guy

How do you deseed on Animal Crossing what are the codes?

Answer put the seed you do want to be there

What is a pitbol seed on animal crossing lets go to the city?

A PitFALL seed is a seed you bury and if someone walks into it, they will fall in a hole.

What is a seed code on Animal Crossing?

It is somthing you hack.... personally i dont hack

Is there a Animal Crossing GameCube Money Tree seed code for Action Replay?


Can you get Gracie's car in Animal Crossing?

yes as a code if you go to utube and tipe seed code

What are the animals crossing wild world seed codes GB?

Define gb?

What do you do with a seed in Animal Crossing Wild World?

First, you need a shovel. Once you have a shovel, dig a hole anywhere in the town (as long as it isn't close to buildings, the ocean, the wall, etc.). Then, bury the seed. If you buried it in a correct spot, it will grow in 4 days.

Is there an easy way to get Nookingtons in Animal Crossing Wild World DS?

Unless you want to seed your town by using action replay and have multipul nookingtons just wait till 5x points day then buy ALOT

Why do i keep tripping in animal crossing wild world?

You probably land on a seed that makes you trip. There is an X at that spot. dont step on x's sometimes they are just klingoids or fossils but sometimes they are seeds that make you trip. you can sell the seeds if you dig them up.