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How do you get the old seachart in Pokemon Emerald?

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2006-08-09 13:58:12

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it is found out of the game but you can go to to find out where to get the seachart.

2006-08-09 13:58:12
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Where is the old sea map in Pokemon Emerald?

The old sea map is a event for Pokemon Emerald to catch mew.

Pokemon emerald how to get the old sea map?


Can you get old saved data in Pokemon emerald?

You can't

Can you revive old amber in Pokemon emerald?

Sadly... no.

Where is the old chateau in Pokemon emerald?

the old chateu is only in Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum versions

What Pokemon can you catch using an old rod on Pokemon emerald?

Magikarp. On any route.

How do you get to Faraway Island on Pokemon Emerald?

Old sea chart

What Pokemon do you get out off the egg in emerald?

you get a wynaut from the old lady

Where is the emerald in pkemon emerald?

its not an emerald its RAYQUAZA the main legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald.

Can you get an old save back on Pokemon Emerald?

No.Once you saved another place on Pokemon Emerald , you cant go back to where you saved last time

How do you acquire the old sea chart in Pokemon emerald?

get it from an old man in shoal cave

How do you find old sea map on Pokemon?

When does barloom learn sky Uppercut in pokemon emerald?

When is the next Pokémon event for Pokémon Emerald?

There are no more Pokemon Nintendo events for Pokemon emerald unfortunatelt because the game is five years old Sorry

How do you get to Hoenn in Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon emerald is in Hoenn

How do you get the old sea map in Pokemon emerald?

you have to get to the PC in dewford town

How can you get the old sea map in Pokemon Emerald?

Only by a Nintendo event.

Where do you get the old amber in Pokemon emerald?

You don't, you have to trade Aerodactyl from FRLG

Where do you get a town map in the game Pokemon emerald?

In Rustburo, from an old man.

How do you get yanma in emerald?

You cannot get a Yanma in Pokemon Emerald, as only Hoenn Region Pokemon can be found in Pokemon Emerald.

How old is poochyena from pokemon?

Not sure how old, but I know that Poochyena is from the Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire versions

How do you transfer the old sea map in Pokemon emerald?

Use action replay DS for Pokemon Diamond

Where do you catch magicarp on Pokemon Emerald?

I havn't played Pokemon Emerald for a while but I think you can find one by using the old rod in almost any body of water.

How do you cheat to get Lucario in emerald without a game shark?

You can't get new Pokemon into old games. Lucario is a 4th generation Pokemon and emerald is a 3rd generation game.

In Pokemon emerald what Pokemon is the old guy thinking of?

it depends wich old guy u mean. theres bunch of old guys. be more specific

How do you get the old man to move in front of the cave of orgins in Pokemon emerald?

please help i need to beat pkmn emerald