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How do you get the orbs in platinum?

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it is in mt.cornet out side in the snow and there is a cave then you have to use the hm move warterfall and then there should be a cave there are the orbs.

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In platinum how do you get Dialga?

you get the 2 orbs and then go to spear piller

What is the Action Replay Code for 999 Life Orbs on Pokemon Platinum?

at the start you go to the normal ur place where you get the life orbs and there will be a whole stock of them.

Where do you get the orbs you need to catch Dialga and Palkia in Pokemon Platinum?

You dont need the orbs to catch them,but you can get there orb at the end of spearpillar ( past palkia and dailga )

How do you catch Palkia and Dialga on platinum?

You need to take the Adamant and Lustrous Orbs to the spear pillar and interact with the portal there, both orbs can be acquired by playing through both diamond and pearl or can be found within mt. coronet on platinum.

How do you get Dialga and Palkia in platinum?

first you need to beat the game. then you need to get the orbs for them in mt. cornet. then go back to the spear pillar with the orbs at hand and palkia and dialga should be there.thx

How do you get the 2 orbs in Mt Sky Pokemon light platinum?

You could get Pokemon Rayquaza in MT Sky.

Where do you get the orbs for Dialga in Pokemon platinum?

In Mt. Coronet, have a lak with a waterfall, use waterfall and will have a dor, inside it.

Where do you get the orbs to awaken Palkia and Dialga in Pokemon platinum?

Deep within mt. Cornet. Where the waterfall and cave are.

Are there Pokemon in spear pillar in Pokemon Platinum?

YES! THIS IS SO OBVIOUS! There is Giratina in Platinum then after getting the orbs there is Dialga and Palkia! And also if u have the Azure flute there is Arceus!

I can't find the orbs for Dialga an Palkia on Pokemon platinum where are they?

you get the orbs from the celestic town elder grandma lady after she talks about palkia and dialga. although I'm not sure if you have to be at some point in the game prior to this

Where do you get the two orbs in platinum?

in mt cornet near the top where you have to rock climb in a cave beside the rock climb

In Pokemon Platinum when I get to the cave where the Lustrous and Adamant orbs are supposed to be there's only a rock how do I find the orbs?

you can only get them when you beat the sinnoh dex i accedentily sold the orbs the same day i found out you need them to battle dialga and palkia. p.s. that rock in there, the front of it holds a stone plate.

Where are the two orbs in Pokemon platinum?

Finally, someone who doesn't want action Replay Codes. Go to Mt. Corneret, and travel upward, until you find a waterfall. Travel up it and inside are the two orbs.

How do you get Dialga Palkia in platinum?

After you beat the elite 4, bring a adamant and lustrous orbs to spear pillar.Plz send feedback!

Where doy you find the orbs on platinum?

The Best Way Is To Transfer A Pokemon To Your DS By Giving The Orb Selected To The Pokemon You Choose.

Pokemon platinum how to get the orbs?

you use your explorer kit to go underground and dig them up in the treasure finding mini game

How do you catch Dialga in Pokemon platinum?

get the orbs for dialga and palkia then go to the spear pillar. one of the 2 Pokemon will be there. ultra are needed.

How do you Dialga and Palkia on Pokemon Platinum?

After beating the elite 4, bring the adamant and lustrous orbs to spear pillar.Plz send feedback!

Who do you have to go see after you get 2 orbs in Pokemon platinum?

go to spear pillar after you beat Elite four to find Dialga and Palkia.

How do you fight Palkia and Dialga in platinum?

in mount cornet there is a room where there are poke balls pick them up there will be two orbs those are the orbs of getting palkia and diagla in platinum but i don't know haw to activate it to where you get them you will also have to climb to the top if you find out and you will see blue on a side or pink if you did and got both they will be there at the same time hope this helped

In Pokemon platinum how do you get Palkia and Dialga?

u have to get 2 orbs in mt cornet then go to spear pillar and dialga and palkia are there. hope it , helped

Where are the orbs for Palkia and Dialga located in Pokemon platinum?

you need to have waterfall and in MT.Cournet theres a cave go in and it should be in there that's were i got mine from.

Where are the orbs found in mount coronet on Pokemon platinum?

Ok there's a waterfall right before u get out on the snow the 2nd or 3rd time i believe if u surf to it use waterfall on the waterfall and go into the cave you'll get both orbs for dialga and palkia

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