How do you get the password entered on 24 carrot island?


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you go into the factory and go to th printer room and talk to the bunny by the computer and he will give you the password.

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The password is entered when you reach the Launch Room, the last stage of the island. If you have gotten the password from the Printing Room, your next step should be the Processing Room at the far side (left) of the vent system.

The password is entered in the Launch Room after you free the drones in the Processing Room and get the rabbot ears to fool the security door. (see related question)

It is in the 24 carrot island mold it

The password is"fuzzybunny" and the command is"launch rabbot".

The password is fuzzybunny and then you have to enter the launch command (which is on a sticky note and is launch rabbot.A video game screen will appear. Use the joystick to wreck his ship against the meteors, and you have beaten 24 Carrot Island!

You go to the printer room and get the system password.

The first password is: fuzzybunny and the seconded password is on a piece of paper next to the computer on 24 Carrot Island.

If you're talking about on 24 Carrot Island, then the password is fuzzybunny and the command is launch rabbot

you use the joystick to crash the rabbot in to the asteroids.

The command is launch rabbot.The pasword is fuzzybunny

You will use the password (fuzzybunny) at the end of the game in the Launch Room, which is just to the right in the Processing Room.

The Processing Room is on 24 Carrot Island on your right in the carrot factory.Before you entered the factory you will have gotten a blueprint of the vents.You will have entered from the surfice warehouse.Follow the directions and tada!You will have found the processing room!

The mayor of the town on 24 Carrot Island will give you the Island Medallion when you complete the quest.

24 Carrot Island is the 4th island of Poptropica. It came out in June, 2008.

24 Carrot Island does not have a cockpit. 24 Carrot Island was released in 2008 and the main objective of the game is to stop the evil Dr. Hare from controlling Poptropica.

Yes! How else will it know that you entered something?

24 carrot diner isn't in shark tooth it is in 24 carrot

You have to go to the printer room and rescue the bunny droid then she'll give you the system password!! Or, here it is: fuzzybunny :)

Type in the password (fuzzybunny) and hit ENTER. Type in the launch command (launch rabbot) and hit ENTER.

The password is FuzzyBunny and the launch code is "Launch Rabbot" (it is on a sticky note on the computer).FUZZYBUNNY

the password is fuzzybunny and press enter then type in launch rabot not robot raaaabot with an a.

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