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You can put a ball of white bread inside of the pipe it will stop the water longe enough to solder the joint then it will deteriate and come out of the pipe if you have an aerator on the faucet check it to make sure that the bread does net clogg the screen

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โˆ™ 2007-05-13 14:28:56
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Q: How do you get the pipe to stop leaking while you solder?
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What will stop a water leak on a hot water line?

Repairing the section of pipe that is leaking will stop a leak on a hot water line.

Is leaking freon from your home air conditioning dangerous?

It is advisable to call a technician to repair your air conditioning. He will solder the damaged pipe so that the freon wont leak anymore. Besides being dangerous, the lack of freon makes your air conditioner to work badly, and even stop refrigerating.

How do you stop water leaking out of a pipe?

1- Shut a valve2-Plug the pipe3-Cap the end1- Shut a valve2-Plug the pipe3-Cap the end

How do you stop the toilet tank from leaking water even after replacing the flapper valve?

adjust the floating bulb, it may be running over the top of the overflow pipe

How do you stop gas from leaking into your engine oil?

It depends on why it is leaking.

How do you fix a leaking shower faucet union if changing the union nut adapter or adding compound will not stop the leak and is there any other way to fix it?

If it is galv. pipe there could be a small hole on threads. You would have to replace pipe.

How do I stop Freon from leaking from upper pipe of AC on ranger?

If it's coming out of a crimp joint, replace it. If it comes from a removable connection, replace the "o" rings. Glenn

What can you do for leaking breasts?

what can i do to stop leaking breasts im 48 and not pregnant

How do you stop oil leaking from the primary cover on a 2000 sportster?

how do you stop oil leaking from a 2000 sportster primary cover

How do you stop the carbureter from leaking on a toro 524 snowblower?

it is going to depend on where it is leaking from

Is the oil rig capped?

BP put a new cap on the leaking pipe, but, as of July 14, 2010; no one knows if it's working to stop most of the oil from escaping the leak.

Why would the transmission not stop leaking fluid?

The pan gasket could be leaking ( tighten mounting bolts or replace gasket ) Filler pipe rubber seal , Transmission oil lines ( tighten , replace ) Speedometer connector ( replace o-ring ) Some makes have a transmission vent pipe ( transmission over filled ) Output shaft seal damaged (replace)

Is there anything you can buy to stop a leak at joint without soldering on a air conditioner?

Not really. It has to withstand from 300 to 450 psi pressure. In spite of the advertisements, glue or tape won't do it. Refrigeration copper pipe is heavier than water pipe and silver solder is used rather than lead/tin.

How do you stop leaking transmissions?

Replace seals

How did BP stop the oil from leaking when they capped it?


How do you stop leaking batteries from leaking inside your flash light?

If a battery is leaking, then it needs to be thrown away. The acid leaked can be very dangerous.

How do you stop your water pump leaking on your ford transit lorry?

The way you stop your water pump from leaking on a Ford Transit Lorry depends on why it is leaking. The most common fix is to replace the gasket on the water pump.

How do you stop Cuisinart grind and brew coffeemakers from leaking?

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How do you stop hot water relief valve from leaking around threads on new installation?

You have to use pipe dope or Teflon tape on the threads before you put it together. Pipe dope should fill the threads and if tape is used, 3-4 layers of tape should be enough.

Why is your 1994 harley Davidson heritage softail carb leaking?

why can I not stop the leaking of gas from the carburater on a 1994 harley

What will stop a water leak?

Repair the pipe of fixture to stop your leak.

Anti freeze leaking into the car?

generally if anti freeze is leaking into car this indicates that the heater core is worn out and has a hole you need to replace heater core ,or lift the hood and disconect the heater hoses join the hoses together with small pipe and 2 hose clamps and the leak will stop But the heater will not work

Is there a stop leak for gas lines?

Replace the line that is leaking, and do not try any stop leak.

How can you stop a bath leak?

with A bath Will stop leaking. If you would simpoly place the plug in the plughole.

What do you do to stop a 97 Buick Skylark from leaking?

motor leaking check intake manifold really cheep gasket from the factory