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How do you get the pocketch app map checker?


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in the poketech company talk to the man next to the counter and he will give you the map marker app with several others

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In Pokemon Diamond the Friendship Checker (also called the Happiness Checker) app is #6.

Just go to Eterna city, and go into the Pokemon centre. Talk to some lady (i think she has green hair), and she give you the friendship checker app on your Poketch.

Its the Poke'etch app and an app is part of a device called the poke'etch. Apps are things like the daycare checker or trainer counter.

a daycare checker is an app on Pokemon diamond and pearl. It lets you see what 2 Pokemon are in daycare and lets you see what level they are.

You just hold down a Pokemon on the app and some or no hearts would show up.

You can find the app in the Pokemon Center in Eterna City. Talk to one of the girls.

In Eterna City's Pokemon center. Talk to a woman in there and she will give you the poketch app- freindship checker.

Theonespy is the best app for tracking. it's very helpful for you.

The friendship app or frenship checker is given to you by a girl on the first floor of the Eterna city Pokemon center.

The Marking Map is actually an app on the Pokech. It's app #13. Hope this helps!

you get the marking app from the poketch company.

If you mean the app. then you will need to be at the begining when dawn tells you to choose what hand you want. You will need to choose the right-hand for the app.

you get it in then day care from the guy sitting at the table

Go to the Pokemon Centre in Eterna City and speak to the brown haired girl, she will hand you the Pokétch app "Friendship Checker".

The friendship checker (my personal favorite app) is inside the Pokemon center of eterna city. Talk to the lady with brown hair right byt he tile pokeball in the floor.

The marking map app can be found in Jubilife city from the Pokétch company. Talk to the owner and he will eventually give it to you.

Go to route 208 there will be a house with 3 people in it talk to the little girl she will ask a question answer yes and she will give you the app

Its a basic map with the shapes down the bottom

The Map Marker app which you get for the poketch at some point.

You can get the Happiness Checker Poketch App by talking to a woman in Eterna City's Pokemon Center. This app allows you to see how much your Pokemon likes you.

The friendship checker app in the Pokémon games shows you which of your Pokémon like you. To use it look for hearts next to a Pokémon when you have the screen up.

Talk to the poketech guy in jublife city who is inside the poketech building. If you have won the fourth gym badge, he will give you the marking map app.

u can tell by what the app "daycare checker" or the day care man

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