Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do you get the poketch marking map app on Pokemon platinum English version?


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You must have 7 badges then talk to the president of the poketech company in jubilife city and he will give you the app

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Go and talk to the owner of poketch in poketch company's building he will install the marking map app in your poketch

You have to go to Jublife City, into the Poketech building. Talk to the man in front of the counter, and he will give you the marking map.

you get the marking app from the poketch company.

You can find articuno in the poketch marking app when he's all around

the poketch marking map can be obtained by the poketch president after getting the 5th or 7th badge

you use the marking map on the poketch which you get in the poketch building after you beat the third gym. and you catch them by chasing them on the marking map like mesprit. i suggest using the move mean look which golbat and haunter learn

Go to Jubilife City and go into the poketch company towards the top left of the town. Talk to the professor. Keep talking to him until he gives you the marking poketch app.

it's a poketch app for tracking wandering pokemon, that you get in jubilife

Go to Jubilife City and go to the Poketch building (next to or near the Jubilife TV building). Enter through the door and talk to a man at the counter. He should give you some Poketch apps.

the poketech company is in jubilife

go to jubilife city. go to poketch company. talk to purple shirted person

App is not an item, it is those things that you put into youir poketch, such as the marking map.

You can use the Marking Map Poketch which can be obtained from the Poketch company boss. It will show you the current location of Mesprit after it from the cave.

cresselia is a roaming Pokemon, to catch it you have to follow your marking map on poketch this way it will help you find it or some other roaming Pokemon. hope this helped :) PS: the roaming Pokemon are... Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Mesprit, and Cresselia

In Eterna City's Pokemon center. Talk to a woman in there and she will give you the poketch app- freindship checker.

The same way as diamond and pearl. Go to Jublife city and look for the poketch guy.

Use the poketch app marking map. you get it from the president of the poketch company [jublie city} after receiving the 7th or 8th gym badge diamond and pearl not sure about platinum

Poketch App 01 is the Digital Watch. This is obtained with the Poketch along with the calculator app (02).

Go to eterna city.At the botttom of the city enter the house to your left and oak will be there.If you have the marking map app for you poketch he will tell you the three bird Pokemon are in sinnoh and you can capture them.

talking to the clowns in jubilife, getting the vouchers and giving them to a man

After your visit with Mesprite, it "plays" with you. It will run around the region like Latias does in Sapphire or like Latios does in Ruby. One easy way to find it is to get an app (Marking Map) on your poketch' from the President of the Poketch Company in Jubilife City after obtaining your 3rd badge.

you enter the the number of the Pokemon you want on the poketch calculater then go in the grass

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