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Place it on the offering stand in Hades throne room.

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Q: How do you get the pomegranates to open the door on the game poptropica on mythology island?
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How do you open the underground door on mythology island?

To open the underground door on Mythology Island in Poptropica, you need to retrieve the trident from Poseidon. Once you have the trident, use it to unlock the door and access the underground area. Good luck!

Poptropica Mythology Island hadhow to get in hadus?

To get to hades castle: Go all the way to the end of the island and there is his castle. There will be an offering table. Find pomegranates and put them on the table. A door will open. Take it from there.

How do you get through the door to the underworld on mythology island?

Get the pomegranates from the tree in the garden of the Sphinx, and put them on the altar.

Where do you the pomagrantes to open both hades and posiden in poptropica?

They DON'T open both. The pomegranates only open Hades' door to the underworld put them on his alter in Mythology Island. To open Poseidon's door to his his awesome beach, you need the starfish off of his statue in the museum.

Where do you get the hades offering on Mythology Island?

There are pomegranates in the Garden, just above the Sphinx. Place them on the altar to open the door into the Underworld.

Who do you give the pomegranates to in mytholagy in poptropica?

You give the pomegranates to the Underworld god, Hades. You walk over to the locked door then use the pomegranates. Your person puts the pomegranate on the table and the door opens.

What do you need to open Hades door on poptropica mythology island?

you get a pomagranet from the garden of the sphinx and place it on Hade's alter at his palace. The alter is by the door. The door will then open.

How can you open the door of hades throne room if there is a big rock in poptropica?

you have to get the pomegranates

How do you use pomegranates on mythology island?

Go to Hades's temple (right of Main Street) and place them on the altar by clicking "use." This will open the door to Hades' realm.

How do you use the pomegranates on Mythology Island?

Go to Hades's temple (right of Main Street) and place them on the altar by clicking "use." This will open the door to Hades' realm.

How do you get to Cerbeus in Mythology Island?

Go find the Pomegranates. Go to the Grove of Temples. Then, continue going left until you get to Hades Temple. Go into his temple, and place the pomegranates on the offering podium. Go into the door and fall and fall. You will get to the river Styx. Go to that.

How do you get hades helm in poptropica?

with Hercules, use the mirror Aphrodite gave you to travel to the underworld. there Hercules will move the bolder for you and you must go in and speak with Hades. there he will give you the helm.