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How do you get the rainbow pass on FireRed version?


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The rainbow pass is a key item in Pokemon FireRed version. To trigger the events to get it, you first need to own 60 different Pokemon.

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There is no "Rainbow Island", just a Rainbow Pass. You can get the Rainbow Pass from Celio after you find the Ruby on One Island.

You can't because the Rainbow Pass is a Key Item which can't be traded without a hack or glitch.

It is not possible to obtain the rainbow pass in Pokémon Emerald. It is only available in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

go to the sevi islands w/ rainbow pass

Get the Rainbow Pass from Celio and take the Ferry there

Find the Ruby inside Mt ember and then give it to Celio.

Go to Vermilion and hop on the fairy. note: you need the tri pass or the rainbow pass.

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The only way you can get to one island is with either a tri-pass or a rainbow pass (you get the rainbow pass after you beat the elite four as well as the tri-pass if you didn't already have it) but as soon as you do you go to Vermilion city and you are able to pick from islands one to three with the tri-pass but with the rainbow pass you can pick from one to seven islands! As long as you've been on the boat before to get something from someone. Just never mind that.

beat the elite four then talk to celio on island 1

The rainbow wing is in gold and silver not in firered.

get a mystic ticket or something related to a pass or ticket. [ not rainbow passor tri- pass].

get the rainbow passyour not really helping just saying that. you go beat the elite four,talk to celio and then ha gives you the rainbow pass

It is not possible to get rid of Key Items such as Bicycle and Rainbow Pass. Also, if you "got rid of" it then you would no longer be able to go to the Sevii Islands, and do you really want that?

Yes, Celio from One Island will give you the Rainbow Pass after you bring him the Ruby you find in Mount Ember. Of course, you can not get there unless you have beaten the Elite 4.

You have to get the ruby and give it to celio. He will then give you a rainbow pass

Talk to Celio on One Island. (I think you have to beat the Elite Four first)

Larvitar is in Seavault Canyon, which is on Seven Island. (Need rainbow pass to get to Seven Island).

Go tohttp://sites.google.com/site/thewaterpath/its on island seven you will have to have the rainbow pass to get there.

on island 1, in the pokecenter. u can get to island 1 by acheiving the rainbow pass

its a replace ment of your tri pass go to the vermillion port click other it will let you go to the othe islands

You must give the Ruby to Celio to get the Rainbow Pass, allowing you to get to 4th-7th island.

you have to find the ruby in mt ember and bring it to celio but first you need the national pokedex -- Check this answer out: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_unlock_islands_after_beating_the_elite_four

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