Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

How do you get the ruby and saphire?


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the rubyto get the ruby u go into all the ruins at another island and it should say a door unlocked.then you go to 1st island and go to the mountain and there should be an opening somwhere and the ruby should be in there.if you find the Sapphire please post it....PLEASE!

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is this in ruby/saphire? is this in ruby/saphire?

These are rare combos saphire x3, saphire x2 and ruby, 1 saphire ruby x2 and x2 saphire and 1 green gem

pokemon ruby, saphire, and emeraldyj

trade from saphire. Solrock can be found in emerald and ruby, but lunatone is only in saphire.

It is in Saphire, Ruby, and Emerald not Firered.

there are only a ruby and saphire.


Trade from saphire, ruby, or emerald

you have to transfer it from emerald,ruby,or saphire.

You have to migrate them from saphire, ruby or emerald.

Migrate it from Emerald, Ruby , Saphire

you have to migrate them from emerald, saphire, or ruby.

Sadly, you can not. You have to migrate from Saphire or Emerald, or if you have traded it to a Ruby, from there.

migrate from ruby,saphire, or emerald.

You can only get it in the versions ruby, saphire, and emarald.

You trade it over from Emerald, Saphire, or Ruby.

Regis Rock, Ice, and Steel? No... You can only get that in Pokemon Saphire and Ruby... But if you migrate them from the Saphire/Ruby, you can get the King/Ruler of Regis in the Snowcity place... in the temple thingy-mi-ding!

there isn't one just like there isnt a ruby in ruby or a saphire in saphire they're the blue and red orbs and the ruby and the saphire. there's also not a "green leaf" in green leaf or a "fire (that's) red" in fire red... there's not a daimond in daimond or a pearl in pearl or platinum in platinum... i could go on and on and on and on

No, it is impossible to trade from crystal to ruby/saphire/emerald. The games are incompatible.

The ruby and the Sapphire are worth the same amount, without one you cannot get to trade with Ruby or Saphire,

Ruby and Saphire vary in available Pokémon, a little bit on storyline, and by the tent color that you get from the Trick Master between Slateport City and Mauville City. You can catch Latios, Lunatone, and Kyogre in Saphire. You can find Latias, Solrock, and Groudon in Ruby.

its a hack of saphire, just use ruby/saphire codes until you find ones that work.

Poliwag is not catchable in Ruby, Saphire or Emerald.

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