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There is no ruby. Pokemon ruby is just the name of the game.

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Pokemon ruby's version IS Pokemon ruby.

how to get raqueza in littletown in Pokemon ruby version

This legendary Pokemon can only be acquired on Ruby Version through trade from Sapphire Version or Emerald Version.

Pokemon Ruby Destiny is a hacked version of Pokemon Ruby for GBA that is kind of like Pokemon Red Rescue Team.

No. Pokemon Ruby was only released for the Game Boy.

If you finish ruby get another version of pokemon.

Palkia is not available in Ruby as it belongs to Generation 4 (Ruby is Generation 3)

you can't get it in Pokemon ruby, you have to trade with a friend that has Pokemon sapphire or emerald.

You can not obtain Kyogre in Ruby version. You have to trade it from Sapphire.

There is not a location for detox on Pokemon Ruby. Players can detox Pokemon on this version by refreshing the game.

You can't catch a sentret in Ruby version, but you can catch one in Emerald version.

Suicune is not available on Pokémon Ruby.

There are only 17 Grass-type Pokémons in Ruby version.

I am sorry to say this but, you cant catch any of the Pokemon in platinum in ruby unless it is a hoenn Pokemon.

Zangoose and Roselia are only in ruby. i know because my friend has ruby and has both of those. Pokemaster6

No, Rayquaza cannot evolve in Ruby, or any other version.

Kyogre is not in Pokemon ruby you need to trade it from sapphire or emerald

you cant find him in Pokemon ruby instead you find may.

if you want to cheat to get all legendary Pokemon on ruby you have to play on the computer

if you mean can you get Pokemon from pearl and diamond and trade them to ruby so you can get diamond and pearl Pokemon on ruby. then no you can not. but you can migrate ruby Pokemon. you put the Pokemon in ruby that you want to put on diamond or pearl in the PC. save it turn off. then go to diamond and migrate them. must be in ds at the same time. pal park.

you can't you have to get it from trade

Currently, Jirachi is not obtainable through traditional methods in Pokemon Ruby Version.

You can't get Rayquaza in Ruby or Sapphire unless you trade it. you can, if you know the cloning glitch for Emerald, clone your Rayquaza and trade one to your Ruby Version.

i haven't played that version but if you go to youtube search up pokemon ruby walkthrough

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