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1. go 2 big nate island. 2.get the lobster 3.go on top of the lighthouse4.go to the light and use the lobster. 1. go 2 big nate island. 2.get the lobster 3.go on top of the lighthouse4.go to the light and use the lobster.

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You have to get the lobster then turn the light on the lighthouse toward the clock and the bird (seagull) will fly away.

Early poptropica is on the Poptropica map. You fly there in the Poptropica blimp.

He is in the Country side you have to give him a green balloon to make him fly away, he has to fly away so he can distract the guy in the Internet cafe so then you can give him the tickets that can be found in the trash can!

You only have to turn it on then go to the antenna and fly away in the top left.

How do you get the guards away from the dungeon in poptropica You don't!

you get them away by geting naked and bringing another poptropica character

you cant fly everywhere on poptropica but if you capture 5 prisoners and then go to the telaphone booth on super power island you will have the ability to fly but only on that island.

You can fly with the JETPACK on Early Poptropica. You can fly after capturing five supervillains on Super Power Island. Unfortunately, these abilities work only on their respective islands.

On poptropica how do you get the kids away from the store?

why when i try ctrl+shift+F5 on poptropica but cannot

It is not possible for a person to fly on 24 Carrot Island on Poptropica. A person will only be able to jump on this level.

On top of the school is the seagull. You get the seagull away by cranking the light in the lighthouse it will then fly away. You have to have the bell clapper to ring the bell, then the girls will move and go into the school from their break and there you have it

No, but another thing that will make you fly is the jetpack. You get it at the aircraft graveyard on early poptropica.

you can not get the cat away from the door on poptropica you have to jump over it

defeat 5 villains then go to the phone then you get the power to fly

The only Island you can fly on is Super Power Island.

yes birds fly away when their in danger. They fly away because they want to avoid it.

it shoos the flies away fly away fly away

you have to fly to the safari, I thinkAnd there is the turtle

first you need a crab from underwater. use it when beside the light on lighthouse. you will be using it like a wrenh. it will flash on the seagull and it will fly away.

It is imposible to do that. But if you go to the poptropica store and buy the mini person of you, you can jump higher.

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