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What is a kangaroo?

A kangaroo is a marsupial , native to Australia. Its baby is the size of a jelly bean when it is born, and it grows and develops in its mother's pouch. Kangaroos are known for their powerful legs, and all members of the kangaroo family share this characteristic of strong hind legs and short foreleg ( Full Answer )

Who was Captain Kangaroo and what did he do?

Answer . \nCaptain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan) was the host of a children's television show that ran for 30 years (mid 50s to mid 80s). His sidekick was Mr. Green Jeans.

Was Captain Kangaroo a Marine?

No. He washed out of Basic training on the unusual default- he was unable to swim, surely a design requirement for those who fight the battles on land and sea!

Why did the show Captain Planet get cancelled?

The show had degenerated into self parody. Even in the beginningonly two of the villains (Looten Plunder and Sly Sludge) could besaid to have realistic motives and by the mid point of the series(ie about season 3) even they were going over the top to the pointof absurdity. It is hard to take an env ( Full Answer )

What do kangaroo?

There are a great many things that a kangaroo can do. A kangaroocan jump on it's two back legs and carry it's young in a pouch forexample.

What is the song from Captain Kangaroo that has knock knock who's there?

I had this record as a child and was searching the same as you. I recall this line. Myra, Myra who. My Rhinosaurus is hungry do you have a bite to eat, That's who. I know it was Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans and I used to play it on my show n tell record player. Just thought I'd answer your ( Full Answer )

Was captain kangaroo a war hero?

Quite the opposite. He enlisted in the Marines but washed out of the corps- for inability to swim- a necessary skill to amphibious warriors!

What do kangaroos do?

Kangaroos are native marsupials of Australia. They move by hoppingand bounding, and can also move by walking. They are unable toeither move their hind legs independently on land, or to walkbackwards. Kangaroos also: . feed on fresh vegetation . graze . chew their cud . reproduce . swim . They ( Full Answer )

Who created captain kangaroo and why?

Robert Keeshan, from the start. He wanted an intelligent male role model ( actually two with the agrarian sidekick Mr. Green Jeans- two different actors) as he felt there were too many feminine types in the kidvid arena at the time- not entirely substantiated. Unfortunately Captain Kangaroo did use ( Full Answer )

Is there a Captain Underpants show?

Yes. There is a Captain Underpants show. It is hosted be Arjit Lal Shrestha. He usually shows in nothing but just red tight underpants. That is his usual outfit while hosting the show.

Was captain kangaroo in the military?

Supposedly he ( washed out) of the marines for being unable to swim under simulated combat conditions- doubtless a basic task for the Leathernecks, involving landing barges, etc. the Marine who could not swim- but floated out as Captain Kangaroo.

What was the dogs name from the cartoon Captain Kangaroo?

Captain Kangaroo was NOT a cartoon character but a live one, played by Bob Keeshan. The dog you are thinking of was a sort of side-kick on the Cartoon- Tom Terrific which was aired ( one believes primarily) on Captain Kangaroo- about the shape-shifting child superhero, Tom Terrific. Tom Terrific cam ( Full Answer )

What books were read on captain kangaroo in the 1960's?

Various juvenile tomes were handled on this program, often integrated with plot content, for example the Russian tale of the Cap vendor- Caps for sale- was integrated into a sort of lesson on different types and styles of occupational headgear. sometimes they would run cartoons, such as (Tom Terrifi ( Full Answer )

What did mrgreen jeans do on captain kangaroo?

He was a farmer who always wore Green Jeans, hence the name. with these two the show almost approximated a Juvenile (Johnny Carson) as they had occasional guest characters-live. Captain K read books on the air- and sort of para-cartoon things like the Paddle To the Sea, and various sub themes- for e ( Full Answer )

Is captain kangaroo Frank Zappa's father?

No he is not. Frank Zappa's father is Francis Vincent Zappa, Sr. Urban legend says that Mr. Green Jeans, a regular on Captain Kangaroo was Frank Zappa's father. That is not true!!! While numerous people have answered this question, and Frank Zappa himself addressed the topic years ago, claiming th ( Full Answer )

Was Captain Kangaroo arrested?

I do not believe that Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo) was ever arrested. Bob Keeshan died in Windsor, Vermont, on January 23, 2004, at the age of 76.

Was captain kangaroo a veteran?

Bob Keeshan, who played the captain, did enlist in the Marine Corps Reserve in 1945, but was still in the US when Japan surrendered (he didn't turn 18 until the end of June 1945, so wasn't eligible until the war was almost over).

Mr Fred on Captain Kangaroo?

There was no Mr. Fred on Captain Kangaroo . There were only three characters named Mr . anything: . Mr. Baxter, played by actor James E. Wall - seen from 1974-1981. . Mr. Green Jeans, played by actor Hugh Brannum - seen from 1955-1984. . Mr. Moose, portrayed by puppeteer Cosmo Allegretti - ( Full Answer )

Is there a graph showing changes in kangaroo populations in Australia?

No such graphs exist. Kangaroo populations fluctuate widely with the seasons, with droughts and floods. It should be remembered also that there are over 60 species of kangaroos in Australia, and populations of each species vary. Data for the Red Kangaroo and Grey Kangaroo in just one region of Ne ( Full Answer )

Where did Captain Cook first see a kangaroo?

Lieutenant James Cook (not yet a captain at the time of this incident) first recorded seeing a kangaroo when his ship was wrecked on the Great Barrier Reef near the present day site of Cooktown in 1770. He brought the Endeavour in to what is now the Endeavour River for repairs, and he and his crew ( Full Answer )

Who was Dancing Bear on Captain Kangaroo?

I served in the military (Vietnam) with a young man who claimed to be one of the dancing bears on CK. They were mostly college students looking for supplemental income. Since I don't have his consent I will not give his name. I'm not saying Cosmo F. Allegretti didn't play dancing bear just that ther ( Full Answer )

Who was mouse on Captain Kangaroo?

I can"t recall any. Captain Kangaroo did run cartoons, and also cartoons adapted from juvenile books, such as paddle to the sea- a variation on the Hiawatha legend. ( why the Indian made such a hazardous journey was not entered into) Indians, yes, Tom Terrific- a regular- Can"t recall any Mice. ther ( Full Answer )

When did captain kangaroo die?

Bob Keeshan (born June 27, 1927) who was "Captain Kangaroo" passedaway January 23, 2004 . I've added a related linkto his gravesite below .

Can you show a summary of Captain Underpants?

George Beard and Harold Hutchins are really mischievous students in fourth grade of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School. They once did many things like putting helium in the football and putting soap bubble in the bleachers' trumpets to ruin the school's football game. Unfortunately, Mr. Krupp, an angr ( Full Answer )

What was the rabbits name on captain kangaroo?

There was a puppet rabbit called Mr. Bunny Rabbit. I never recalled this one. Cap Ran cartoons- as do most all juveniles shows- but never ran Bugs Bunny who is a Warner Bros. flagstaff!

What song are the lyrics ''drinking coffee watching Captain Kangaroo'' from?

These are lyrics from the song (Counting flowers on the wall) it is a catchy tune, a pity is the lyrics do not make much sense. Coffee is an adult beverage, and Captain Kangaroo a most juvenile kiddy show. A different perspective: It is a refrain from the song, "Flowers on the Wall," from the 196 ( Full Answer )

Was captain kangaroo a navy seal?

No Mr. Greenjeans was. Captain Kangaroo (Robert James "Bob" Keeshan) was not a Navy Seal. However, he was a U.S. Marine who enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve at the end of WWII. Keeshan never saw combat; he was still in the United States when Japan surrendered.

Was Captain Kangaroo show cerly 1960s ever filmed in Connecticut?

They did various road trips to differfent locales. I can recall the Massapequa Zoo and Kiddy Park getting the glad hand. I am not sure if the Captain Kangaroo staff visited the park, or Park attendants brought animals to the (treasure house) as the Kangaroon site was known. Captain Kangaroo took pla ( Full Answer )

From what show does Captain Naruto come from?

Naruto is the main character in the popular Japanese series titled Naruto. It focuses on the dreams of an adolescent teen striving to become the best ninja or Hokage in his village..

Did Captain Kangaroo fight in World War 2?

No Bob Keeshan, the actor who played Captain Kangaroo, graduated from high school in 1945 and joined the US Marine Corps Reserve. Before he finished training and could be sent overseas, Japan surrendered and the war ended.

When did the series Captain Kangaroo first air?

The series Captain Kangaroo first aired on October 3, 1955. The show had a long run, staying on the air through December 8, 1984. They had a total of 38 seasons.

What show is Captain Spaulding known from?

Captain Spaulding is a character from the Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses film. Captain Spaulding is also a character from Rob Zombie's Devil's Rejects film.

What actors and actresses appeared in The All New Captain Kangaroo - 1997?

The cast of The All New Captain Kangaroo - 1997 includes: George Cahill as Mr. Greenjeans Chuck Cureau as Animal Expert (Sea World) Rhonda Gdasi as Joey John McDonough as Captain Kangaroo Margo McKnight as Animal Expert (Busch Gardens) Scott Swenson as Bunny Rabbit

What actors and actresses appeared in Captain Kangaroo - 1955?

The cast of Captain Kangaroo - 1955 includes: Hank Aaron as himself Cosmo Allegretti as Mr. Moose Fran Allison as herself Lu Ann Simms as herself Jo Anne Worley as herself Alan Arkin as himself Pearl Bailey as herself Evalyn Baron as herself Hugh Brannum as Mister Green Jeans (1955-1984) Hugh Brannu ( Full Answer )