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you get it at the cerulean city gym next 2 the pool hope this helps

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How do you get the generator part soul silver?

Where are the genorator parts in soul soul silver

Where is the generator part in Pokemon soul silver?

its in the gym with misty hidden behind a tubey thing

Where do i get the generator part to the power plant in soul silver?

You get that part in the gym leaders building in the rubber tube.This is in Cerulean City

When wil the train work on soul silver?

You must get the generator part from the Cerulean Gym and give it back the Powerstation.

Where do you find the generator part for the power in plant in soul silver?

you go to the cerulean gym by the floaties on the left after take it back to power plant

What does team rocket give you on the bridge battle in Pokemon soul silver?

he gives you the missing machine part for the generator at the power plant :) hope i helped :D

How do you get the expncard in Pokemon Soul Silver?

the radio tower in kanto will give you that after you sort out the problem in the power plant and find the stolen part you talk to the old man in there

Where do you find the generator part in soul silver?

after beating the gym leader misty, go down the stairs of the gym, go left and press A on the rubber rings, this is where the machine part is for the power plant.

Where is the second generator in soul silver?

First of all, what do you mean by "second generator"? If you mean the generator in the Rocket hideout in Mahogany, then there is no second generator! All you have to do is kill all of the Electrode! Lance even tells you that!

How do you get the generator part in soul sliver?

once you have bin told the part has bin stolen go to the curlean gym and a rocket grunt will bump into you as he leaves the gym,follow him to what used to be known as nugget bridge defeat him and he will say it is hidden in the gym

Where is the missing part to the generator in soul silver?

you will herer the police talk to a guy.he will say that a team rocket dude was spotted hanging around in mistys gym.he hides the in water floats.press a to get them.

Where is the power plant generator in soul silver?

It is in the Cerulean Gym in the air thing on the left side. Hope i helped!¡

What do you do after you fix the generator in Pokemon Soul Silver?

The powerplant one? Well. go to Mystys gym top mid-left of the Gym you will find Machine part, bring it back to the plant and your good!

How do you upgrade the new radio channels in soul silver?

you have to solve the problem with the generator and get it from the team rocket member who is probably Russian

How do you get charge beam in soul silver?

you get given it by the power plant boss in kanto after getting back the bit has been stolen

Where is Whitney in soul silver?

She's in the Northwest part in Goldenrod City.

What to do after you got the generator part in Soul Silver?

The train between Johto and Kanto should run. You can go back to Lavender Town to acquire the EXPN Card so you can wake the sleeping Snorlax. You can also defeat the gym where you found the machine part.

Wheree in Pokemon soul silver in kanto when the rocket runs away with the generator part where is he?

the part is hidden in the cerulean gym by the inflated tubes toward the back. the man then runs after telling you and may come back if i am wrong feel free to edit.

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