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You get "Sweet Memories" when you gather all of the torn pages of Pooh's Storybook and complete it all. Sweet memories has 0 strength and magic but increases the rate of drop items, very useful when getting the Ultima weapon.

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Q: How do you get the sweet memories keyblade in kingdom hearts 2?
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When was Sweet Sweet Memories created?

Sweet Memories was created on 1911-03-27.

In Kingdom Hearts 2 how do you get a dark crystal lucid shard frost stone frost gem?

In Kingdom Hearts 2, to get a dark crystal lucid shard frost stone frost gem you'll need to defeat the listed enemies for the specific material:Dark Crystal: Air PirateLucid Shard: Rapid Dog and Trick GhostFrost Stone: Aeroplane and Hot RodFrost Gem: Fortune Teller and Icy CubeTo make things quicker for you, equip Lucky Lucky in all members (if possible) and equip the Sweet Memories Keyblade you gotten from completing 100 Acre Wood, then defeat those Heartless.

How do you get a power crystal in Kingdom Hearts?

you can get power gems from Shaman (monkey heartless) at the pride lands in the wastelands. the shaman riding the living bones heartless wont give them to you though so only the shaman will do. i hope i helped. By the way equip lucky lucky skill and the Sweet memories keyblade to make the items pop up more often. I hope i helped

What is the duration of Sweet Memories?

The duration of Sweet Memories is 600.0 seconds.

Why does Sora from Kingdom Hearts like to eat sea salt ice-cream?

Because it's salty...yet sweet.

How do you get sweet stack on Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep?

You have to make all seven types of ice creams in Disney Town.

What is the duration of Sweet Hearts Dance?

The duration of Sweet Hearts Dance is 1.68 hours.

When was Sweet Memories with Super Junior created?

Sweet Memories with Super Junior was created on 2008-03-12.

A sweet that rhymes with hearts?

Sweet Tarts

When was Sweet Hearts Dance created?

Sweet Hearts Dance was created on 1988-09-23.

How do you increase the drop rate of items in kingdom hearts?

There is a set-up that greatly increaes item drop rate. Here is what you do: -Equip the "Lucky Lucky" abililty on Sora, Donald, and Goofy. (if you dont have them, level up til you do) -Get the keyblade called "Sweet Memories" and equip it when you fight enemies. You get it from Hundred Acre Wood. (consult a strategy guide) -Get the ring called "Lucky Ring" and equip it when you fight enemies. You get it from beating the first tournament in Olympus. This set-up is called the 5L set-up. Use it to get more items. Especially when you're doing the endgame quests.

What sweet treat rhymes with hearts?

Sweet tarts