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How do you get the three regis emerald?

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Q: How do you get the three regis emerald?
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How do you get the three regis in pokemon leafgreen?

trade from emerald

Do you have to beat the elite four in order to get the three regis in emerald?

not necessary

Where can you get reggirock in Pokemon pearl?

You first have to get Regigigas,but to that you have to migrate the three regis from emerald.

How do you get the three regis in Pokemon HeartGold?

Migrate from Pokemon ruby emerald Sapphire

Where do you find all the Regis in Pokemon Platinum?

you can't get the three regis but, if you have pokemon sapir\rubi\emerald version on the gameboy advance, you can tke the three regis through the pal park in route 221 (in south). *there are three caves that may be the caves of the three regis but i don't know what to do there.

Can you get the three regis in FireRed?

No you cannot get the regis nor any hoenn Pokemon all must be traded to you from ruby, sapphire and emerald.

How do you get a regigigas in platinum?

If the event passed, and you have emerald, do this. Get the regis in emerald, trade it to platinum, get regigigas, use your new regigigas to get the regis, than trade your old regis and your new regigigas to emerald, or you can keep regigias, cuz you don't get it in emerald.

How do you get all three regis on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Trade someone with Ruby,Sapphire,and Emerald.

Can you only get the 3 Regis in Pokemon Emerald?

Only Regis in Pokemon EmeraldYes.Those Are The Only Regis In Pokemon Emerald. Too Bad.there are regi in ruby and sapphire and regigigas in d/p/pt

What legendarys can you catch in Pokemon sapphire?

For Pokemon ruby you can catch the three regis, rayquaza, groudon, and latios/latias. In sapphire you can catch the three regis, rayquaza, kyogre, and latios/latias. However, in emerald you can catch kyogre, groudon, rayquaza, the three regis, and latios/latias.

Why do you need relicanth and wailord in Pokemon platinum to catch the three regis?

You need relicanth and wailord to catch the regis in sapphire/ruby/emerald. You cannot catch the three regis in platinum unless you have the event Regigigas (this event has now ended). If you have the special regigigas in your party, three new caves will open up in Sinnoh and you will be able to catch the three regis.

Do you need the TM Dig to catch the three regis on Pokemon emerald?

no you do not just the Pokemon relicanth and wailord.

On Pokemon emerald what does six dots equals three holes?

it is obviously the three regis because the statues have three dots and it is also three doors not three holes

Can you catch the regis in SoulSilver?

No. You have to transfer them from your emerald game. If you get all three Regis and transfer them over, you unlock regigigas. He is in the snowpoint temple. You have to get the national pokedex before you can do any of this.

Can you get the regis on Pokemon Emerald?


How do you catch the three regis in Pokemon firered?

All 3 must be traded from either ruby, sapphire or emerald.

How do you get to regigegas in snow point temple?

You have to transfer from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald the three Regis, then Regigigas will wake up.

What legendaries do you get in emerald?

Rayquaza, Kyrogre, Groudon, Latias or Latios, all three regis, and deoxys/jirachi if you can get them :P

Where is the regis in platinum?

Well, Regigigas is in Snowpoint Temple, but the other three need to be imported from Ruby, Sapphire, of Emerald.

What is the legendary Pokemon of ruby sapphire and emerald?

ruby=groudon+raquaza+latios+the regis sapphire=kyogre+raquaza+latias+the regis emerald=raquaza+groudon+kyogre+latios or latias+the regis

How do you solve the maze to get to the Pokemon regigas in Pokemon platinum at he snow temple?

Export all three regis from ruby red or emerald green using pal park and the go back with the three regis as your pokemon, then he will wake

What level are the regis come in Pokemon Emerald?

All 3 of the Regis are level 40.

What is in the temple Pokemon pearl?

When you get the National Dex, migrate the three regis from emerald and you can go in and catch regigigas at level 70

How come you need the regis to get regigigas but you need regigigas to get the regis in platinum?

you get the regis in emerald ruby or sappaire those are the only way

How do you fight the regis in emerald?

Type "How do you get the /three\ Regis?" because someone else has a long detailed answer on how to get to the underwater cave through to how to unlock the Regi doors so it isn't necessary for me to fully answer as he has. No worries :)