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Unless you receive an Item Code for food or a friend sends you a gift, you can not get things in Moshi Monsters without using Rox to pay for them.

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2012-01-15 21:22:22
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Q: How do you get things without paying for them in moshi monsters?
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Can you get a membership on moshi monsters without paying?

Yes, you can get a free Basic Membership, however, Basic Members can not do all the things that paid Moshi Members can do.

How can you be a Super Moshi without paying for Moshi Monsters membership?

You can not be a Super Moshi unless you have a paid Moshi Member account.

How can you get a moshling zoo on Moshi Monsters without paying?

It is not possible to access the Moshling Zoo without being a paid Moshi Member.

What would happen if you get membership on moshi monsters and don't pay?

There is a free Basic Membership that you can get without paying. If you tried to get a paid Moshi Membership without paying, you would not receive the activation email that allows you to start playing Moshi Monsters and you would not be able to sign in.

How can you buy things on moshi monsters without being a member?

You have to be either a free Basic Member or a paid Moshi Member to buy virtual things in the Moshi Monsters game. Moshi Monsters has an online store if you want to purchase actual Moshi Monsters toys and other items without being a member. You can also find Moshi Monsters items for sale both online and in stores.

How do you sneak into the member section on moshi monsters?

Without paying, it's not possible to access the Port.

How do you shoplift in Moshi Monsters?

You cannot take items from the shops without paying Rox.

How do you be a memeber in moshi monsters without paying dollars?

Membership is something that you pay for. It's not possible to become a Moshi Member for free.

How do you get lady gogo on moshi monsters with out paying?

you cant

How do you get member things in moshi monsters without paying?

This won't be possible unless you become a Moshi Member. Pricing depends on your location. To find out accurate pricing go to the Moshi Monsters website, click the Membership link at the top, click Join Now, choose a payment method and then choose your location.

How to be a member on Moshi Monsters?

on moshi monsters you have to buy a card in a store like game then type in your code and if your membership runs out i have a secret to make it go on again and again without paying money!! what you do is make another moshi monsters account then type in the code it will work i did it !!

How can you get a free membership on Moshi Monsters without paying?

well go to moshi then if you see the poster new user click it and make your acount

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