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You need the HM Waterfall and teach it to a water Pokemon


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he is on seafom islands get inside there and there will be a ladder climb up it

surf from cinnibar to get to the seafom islands in the east

you find it in seafom islands going down the stairs

If you have been going in order of gyms so far then cinnibar island is the next destination.

Articuno is located in the Seafom Islands. You have to push some boulders in holes to stop the high current. Check Google if you want a complete guide on how to do it. Bring lots of Ultra Balls.

zapdos = Power Plant Moltres = Mount Ember Articuno = Seafom Islands Mewtwo = Cerulean Dungeon and for this one you must needed to go to events Deoxys = Birth Island Lugia = Navel rock Ho-oH = Navel Rock Hope it was useful to you

artcono can be found at seafom islands acave next to blianes gym zapdos can be found in the power plant after having the 16 badges moltres can be found at mount silver entai can be found any were around johto cheak the johto map in the pokegear raiko can be found any were around johto cheak the johto map in the pokegear Mewtwo is in Cerulean Cave, same as in Red/Blue/Yellow. But he'll only appear once you have the Johto and Kanto badges.

he is at the seafome islands because his gym got destroyed on cinnabar island . when u enter the seafom island he will be up the ladder insideIf you've been to Cinnabar Island yet, you will see that there is a notice there. It says that Blaine relocated his gym to the Seafoam Islands. All you have to do is go into the first island that you get to.Blaine is on Seafoam Island, which is east of Cinnabar.Seafoam island (where Articuno is)On Cinnabar Island, head East to Route 20. Keep going until you come to seafoam islands. Go in and you will see a ladder going up in the middle of the room. Go up the ladder and it will lead you to the new Cinnabar Gym. Blaine is inside.Inside the cave there are two ways, to Articuno and to Blaine's GymYou meet him on cinnibar island and then go to his gym.He's in the Seaform islands because cinnabar was destroyed by a volcano.

once you get surf from the secret house in the safarri zone go to pallet town and surf to cinnabar island and then surf to the right of cinnabar island to get to seafom island :) hope this helps

You can't get past. If you are going from Fuchsia City to try to get to Cinnabar Island, you have to Fly to Pallet Town and Surf down. If you mean get through to catch Articuno, than I can't help you:(

Zubat evolves into Golbat starting at level 16, and then Golbat evolves into Crobat when leveled up with high friendship. Zubat is #41 in the National Pokedex, and was introduced in the Generation I Pokemon titles (Red, Blue, and Yellow) where it could be found at Mount Moon, in the Rock Tunnel, at the Seafom Islands, and on Victory Road. In Generation VI (X and Y), it can be found in the Connecting Cave.

To get to the Seafom islands in Pokemon Fire red or Pokemon leaf Green, There are two ways: If you have already reached Cinnibar Island, you can surf to the right of the islands until you see a large island with two huge caves on it, each with an entrance. But if you want to go there to catch the legendary Pokemon in the deepest cave level, Articuno, this is not the way to go: Strong currents block your way deep inside. If you want to catch Articuno, you first needto go to Fuschia City. Go to the southernmost point of the city and walk until you reach the coast. Then, Surf down and left along the sea path until you come to the two large caves. There sould be a patch of land that you can dismount onto, behind the cave to the right, that you couldn't get to if you came from Cinnibar. Keep walking along that strip of sand until it leads you to the cave on the left, the one that you couldn't go to before. This cave will lead you to Articuno. Good luck!

Its Simple, fly to kanto and search zapdos in:power plant, moltres in:Mt.Silver and articuno in :Seafom island.

seafom island is to the right of cinnabar if you want to cheat a tiny bit fly to pallet town and surf down to reach cinnabar island. But if you want to do it the hard way you need to get the boulders inside of seafoam island to go into the water so you can reach the ladder that leads you to the exit where you can go to cinnabar from.

You cant its impossible but I can help I know how to walk through walls and walk on water without action replay or that shark thing once you beat the elite four go to the seafom islands and were you found water fall hm press a b a then go and use surf and the water fall on the right hold R when you go up then do the but back down after go to island 1 then use surf anywere and keep going in one direction beat the elite four 3 more times then on lance save and turn off u will have all lances pokemon in your computer then get the high lvled dragonite and realse then save but turn off before fully saved and you can walk any hope this helped it works ive used it.

Brock is in his gym in Pewter City. Misty is on Route 24 near Bill's house. She will return to the gym once confronted. Lt. Surge is in his gym in Vermillion City. Erika is in her gym in Celadon City. Janine is in her gym in Fuchsia City. Blaine's gym currently resides on the Seafom Islands on Route 20. Sabrina is in her gym in Saffron City. Blue is waiting on Cinnabar Island for you to have 15 badges. After you meet him there with the badges, he will return to Viridian City and be in his gym.

You have to have fly and surf then go use fly and fly to Fuscha then surf down. The above answer just leads you to Seafom Inland. The real trick it to use fly and fly to Olvine. Then go to the battle tower and surf down till you see the whirlwind. Go past it and you'll be there.

After you get the new pokedex you have to go to one island then talk to cleo the person that is in the pokecenter on that island after you do that you have to go to moltres place then talk to the two team rockets they have dug a hole battle them win then go in the hole and get the ruby after you get the ruby give it to cleo he will give you the tickit to go to all of the islands and a new part of the map.After that go to the 6th island you will need cut go to the dotted hole cut that door then there willbe 4 holes you have to go down them in this order up left right and down get the sappire then team rocket will take it from you.After that go to the team rocket warehouse and solve the puzzle and get the sapphire give it to cleo and have fun and explore.tip; to get suicne the easy way you can't get articuno and the easy way is get waterfall from 4 island and then go to the fake seafom islands and then use it on the waterfall you will go on it save and get ready to kill or catch sucine

you have to wake up the snorlax, then go through diglet's cave. you'll come out near pewter city. from there, head southThere are several ways to get there. The easiest is to go to the entrance building to victory road and go right instead of up. This isn't always possible though as there might be a guard who won't let you through and I'm not sure what you have to do to get rid of him. If he isn't there go east to Viridian City and then south to Pallet Town.The second way is to defeat the league and take the boat from Olivine City to Vermilion City. From there you have to chase down the Rocket grunt who has stolen the part from the power plant. When you have it go to the power plant and speak to the director (the guy on the bridge over the pit), this will get the power going again. When you have done that go to the radio tower in lavender town and one of the people there will give you a card to use the pokegear radio in Kanto. Now go back to Vermillion and play the pokeflute channel next to the Snorlax to the East of town, he will wake up and battle you (catch it or not it doesn't matter). Now you can go through Diglett cave, when you emerge use cut on the tree to the west and go south through viridian forest, through Viridian City and down to Pallet town.The last way is to wait until the lava is cleared from the beach south of Fuchsia City (again I don't know what triggers this), Surf south as far as you can then surf west until you reach Seafom Island. Make your way through then surf west until you reach Cinnabar Island. Now surf north and you are in Pallet Town.

When you reach the Kanto Region (particullary Cerulean City you'll understand). A Team Rocket Grunt stole a machine part from the Power Plant but he dropped it in the Cerulean Gym Pool. After you battle him you can battle Misty in her gym. To find the Machine Part you have to use the Itemfinder in the gym. After you get it you return it to the Manager and he gives you Zap Cannon as a return. Then you have to go to the Radio Station and talk to the gentleman in the hat in the groun floor. He upgrades your EXPN Card to play Kanto Tunes. Finally go to Vermillion City and go in front of the Snorlax which is blocking the Digglet's Cave, go to your Poke-Gear and play the Poke-Flute tune, the Snorlax will wake up and attack. Then you can continue your journey to Pallet Town, Viridian, Pewter, Cinnabar Island and Seafom Islands.

bad spark plugs and spark plugs wires, engine is missing, if plugs and wires dont work, get your engine looked at ==new answer== check your fuel filter also if your carb is stopped it will be sluggish and will sputter, also @night you can drive your car or truck for about 10 min and then look @ the catylist and if its glowing you can knock a hole in it and it will stop your sputter but changing is recommended. if that dont stop it then buy a can of seafom eng treatment and run thru fuel system from 1/2 tank of fuel this should fix problem.

The Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed Version (GBA) are Kanto Pokemon, the original 150. Later in the game johto Pokemon are obtainable but only by trading with Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and LeafGreen.#001 Bulbasaur You can find it in Prof. Oak's Lab.#002 Ivysaur You have to make Bulbasaur grow to level 16 so he evolves in this creature.#003 Venusaur Ivysaur evolve into Venusaur at level 32.#004 Charmander Available at Prof. Oak's Lab#005 Charmeleon Charmander evolve into Charmeleon at level 16.#006 Charizard If your Charmeleon grows to level 36 it will evolve into a Charizard#007 Squirtle Available at Prof. Oak's Lab#008 Wartortle Squirtle evolve into Wartortle at level 16#009 Blastoise Wartortle evolve into Blastoise at level 36#010 Caterpie Caterpie evolve into Metapod at level 7.#011 Metapod Metapod evolve into Butterfree at level 10#012 Butterfree Butterfree have unique attack power. They master in the sleep powder technique which works almost every time.#013 Weedle Weedle evolve into Kakuna at level 7.#014 Kakuna Kakuna evolve into Beedrill at level 10.#015 Beedrill Beedrill use their needles to execute moves like Twinneedle and Pin Missle. Both Weedle, Caterpie, Kakuna, and Metapod can be found in Viridian Forest and along Routes 23 and 24.#016 Pidgey Pidgey evolve into the more powerful Pidgeotto at level 18.#017 Pidgeotto Pidgeotto evolve into the speeding eagle of Pidgeot at level 36.#018 Pidgeot Pidgeot use their high speed and varius attacks to break down their apponents. Pidgey can be found in most places and Pidgeotto can be found along Route 21 and Route 19.#019Rattata Rattata evolve into Raticate at level 22#020 Raticate Raticate use their fangs to hurt and frighten their apponents. Rattata can be found in many places and so can Raticate.#021 Spearow Spearow evolve into Fearow at level 20.#022 Fearow Fearow uses it's powerful wings to FLY long distances with little effort. Spearow can be found in many places however Fearow is only found on Victory Road and Cycling Road.#023 Ekans Ekans evolves into Arbok at level 22.#024 Arbok The Arbok's color markings vary from place to place. Ekans can be found around Rock Tunnel, Mt. Moon, Cerulean, and Victory Road. Arbok are found in Victory Road and the Unknown Dungeon. These Pokemon can be found only in the Red version.#025 Pikachu Pikachu evolves into Raichu with the Thunder Stone.#026 Raichu Raichu has a more electrical potential than Pikachu and must use it's tail as a ground. Pikachu can be found in Viridian Forest and the Power Plant. Raichu can be found in the Power Plant and the Unknown Dungeon.#027 Sandshrew Sandshrew evolve into Sandslash at level 22.#028 Sandslash Sandslash use their claws to burrow deeply underground. Sandshrew and Sandslash can be found in the same places Ekans and Arbok are but they are only in the Blue version.#029 Nidoran(F) Nidoran evolve into Nidorina at level 16.#030 Nidorina Nidorina evolve into Nidoqueen using the Moon Stone.#031 Nidoqueen prefer to use their claws and head to attack their enemies.#032 Nidoran(M) Nidoran evolve into Nidorino at level 16.#033 Nidorino Nidorino evolve into Nidoking using a Moon Stone.#034 Nidoking Nidoking prefer to use their horns and spikes to defeat their enemies. Both nidoran and Nidorina and Nidorino can be found in the Safari Zone.#035 Clefairy Clefairy evolve into Clefable using a Moon Stone.#036 Clefable are hardly ever seen by anyone. They cannot be found in the wild. Clefairy are found at Mt. Moon and the Celadon City Game Corner.#037 Vulpix Vulpix evolve into Ninetales using a Fire Stone.#038 Ninetales Ninetales are useless if not at a high level. They cannot be found in the wild. Vulpix are found on Routes 7 and 8 and in the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnibar Island. Ninetales cannot be found in the wild.#039 Jigglypuff evolve into Wigglytuff using a Moon Stone.#040 Wigglytuff Wigglytuff inflate themselves to enormous size to scare away predators. Jigglypuff can be found along Route 3 and Wigglytuff can be found in the Unknown Dungeon.#041 Zubat Zubat evolve into Golbat at level 22.#042 Golbat When GOlbat suck in energy the sometimes become to heavy to fly. Zubat can be found in Mt. Moon, Rock Tunnel, Seafoam Islands, and Victory Road. Golbat can be found in Victory Road and Seafoam Islands.#043 Oddish Oddish evolve into Gloom at level 21.#044 Gloom Gloom evolve into Vileplume using a Leaf Stone.#045 Vileplume Like most plant type Pokemon, the thing on Oddish's back has grown fully as it reaches it's final stage. Oddish can be found along Routes 23, 24, 12, 13, 14, 17,18, and 19. Gloom can be found on Routes 17, 18, and 19. Vileplume can't be found in the wild. All three of these can be found only in the red version.#046 Paras Paras evolve into Parasect at level 24.#047 Parasect Parasect there powereful crab like claws to crush their enemies. Paras can be found in Mt. Moon and the Safari Zone. Parasect can be found in the Unknown Dungeon and Safari Zone.#048 Venonat Venonat evolve into Venomoth at level 31.#049 Venomoth Venomoth, using their mysterious powers unleash devastating attacks. Venonat can be found along routes 17, 18, and 19 and in the Safari Zone. Venomoth can be found in Victory Road, Safari Zone, and Unknown Dungeon.#050 Diglett Diglett evolve into Dugtrio at level 26.#051 Dugtrio Dugtrio are three Diglett bonded together in someway. Diglett and Dugtrio can be found in Diglett's cave.#052 Meowth Meowth evolve into Persian at level 28.#053 Persian Persian are often hard to train because of there atitude and temper. Meowth can be found on Routes 13, 14, 15, and 16. These two can be found only in the blue version.#054 Psyduck Psyduck evolve into Golduck at level 33.#055 Golduck Golduck are a powerful psychic type Pokemon. They are mainly water but they have a few Psychic moves. Psyduck can be found along Routes 23 and 24 and in the Safari Zone and Seafoam Islands. Golduck can be found only in Seafoam Islands.#056 Mankey Mankey evolve into Primeape at level 28.#057 Primeape Primeape are so powerful that when they use thrash, the ground quakes. Mankey can be found in all the places Meoth is except it's only found in the red version.#058 Growlithe Growlithe evolve into Arcanine using a Fire Stone.#059 Arcanine Arcanine use a lot of Normal attacks instead of Fire. Growlithe can be found on Routes 14 and 16 and in Pokemon Mansion. They can be found only in the red version.#060 Poliwag Poliwag evolve into Poliwhirl at level 16.#061 Poliwhirl Poliwhirl evolve into Poliwrath using a Water Stone.#062 Poliwrath Poliwrath gain Fighting type characteristics when they evolve. Poliwag can be found in Viridian City, Pallet Town, Cerulean City, and Vermilion City. Poliwhirl can be found in Celadon City, and along Route 9.#063 Abra Abra evolve into Kadabra at level 16.#064 Kadabra Kadabra evolve into Alakazam through trade.#065 Alakazam Alakazam's I.Q. is said to beat that of a Super- Computer. Abra can be found on Routes 23 and 24 and in Celadon City. Kadabra can be found in the Unknown Dungeon.#066 Machop Machop evolve into Machoke at level 28.#067 Machoke Machoke evolve into Machamp through trade.#068 Machamp Machamp gain two extra arms and a punch to knock someone clear over the Horizon. Machop can be found in Rock Tunnel and Victory Road. Machoke can be found in Victory Road.#069 Bellsprout Bellsprout evolve into Weepinbell at level 28.#070 Weepinbell Weepinbell evolve into Victreebel using a Leaf Stone.#071 Victreebel Victreebel although almost immobile can unleash attacks that can kill a fire type Pokemon. Bellsprout can be found along Routes 23, 24, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, and 19. Weepinbel can be found along Routes 17, 18, and 19. They can be found only in the Blue version.#072 Tentacool Tentacool evolve into Tentacruel at level 30.#073 Tentacruel Tentacruel use their long stingers to poison their opponents. Tentacool can be found along the Sea Routes.]#074 Geodude Geodude evolve into Graveler at level 25.#075 Graveler Graveler evolve into Golem through trade.#076 Golem Golem are a hard rock ball who rolls without taking damage. Geodude can be found in Mt. Moon, Rock Tunnel, and Victory Road. Graveler can be found in Victory Road.#077 Ponyta Ponyta evolve into Rapidash at level 40.#078 Rapidash Rapidash can outrun almost any Pokemon. Ponyta can be found in Pokemon Mansion.#079 Slowpoke Slowpoke evolve into Slowbro at level 37.#080 Slowbro Slowbro use their unique psychic powers to disable their enemies. Slowpoke can be found along Routes 8 and 9 and in Safari Zone, Seafoam Islands, and Cinnabar Island. Slowbro can be found in Victory Road, Seafom Islands, and the Unknown Dungeon.#081 Magnemite Magnemite evolve into Magneton at level 30.#082 Magneton Like Dugtrio, Magneton are three Magnemite bonded together someway. Magnemite can be found in the Power Plant. Magneton can be found in the Power Plant and the Unknown Dungeon.#083 Farfetch'd Farfecthe'd don't evolve at all but will become stronger over time. They can be found in Vermillion City through trade.#084 Doduo Doduo evolve into Dodrio at level 31.#085 Dodrio dodrio use their numerous heads to execute complicated plans. Doduo can be found along Cycling Road and in the Safari Zone. Dodrio can be found in the Unknown Dungeon.#086 Seel Seel evolve into Dewgong at level 34.#087 Dewgong Dewgong gain Ice type characteristics when they evolve. Seel and Dewgong can be found in Seafoam Island.#088 Grimer Grimer evolve into Muk at level 38.#089 Muk Muk use varios poison attacks to defeat their enemy. Grimer and Muk can be found in Pokemon Mansion.#090 Shellder Shellder evolve into Cloyster using a Water Stone.#091 Cloyster Cloyster, like Dewgong gain ice type characteristics when they evolve. Shellder can be found along the Sea Routes and Vermillion City.#092 Gastly Gastly evolve into Haunter at level 25.#093 Haunter Haunter evolve into Gengar through trade.#094 Gengar feed on Pokemon's dreams and ocassionally gets sick from eating bad ones. Gastly and Haunter can be found in Pokemon Tower.#095 Onix When Onix grows, the rock portions of his body harden and become harder than diamond. Onix can be found in Rock Tunnel and Victory Road.#096 Drowzee Drowzee evolve into Hypno at level 26.#097 Hypno Hypno use powerful sleep waves to put their opponents to sleep. Drowzee can be found along Route 15 and Hypno can be found in the Unknown Dungeon.#098 Krabby Krabby evolve into Kingler at level 28.#099 Kingler Kingler's claws can crush 1,000 pounds of stone. Krabby can be found in every Fishing Hole and Seafoam Islands. Kingler can be found in Seafoam Islands and the Unknown Dungeon. It can also be found in Victory Road.#100 Voltorb Voltorb evolve into Electrode at level 30.#101 Electrode Electrode can give out many painful zaps of electricity. Voltorb can be found in the Power Plant and Route 9. ELectrode can be found in the Unknown Dugeon.#102 Exeggcute Exeggcute evolve into Exeggutor using a Leaf Stone.#103 Exeggutor Exeggutor use powerful grass attacks. Exeggcute can be found in the Safari Zone.#104 Cubone Cubone evolve into Marowak at level 28.#105 Marowak Marowak use carefully shaped bones to unleash devastating attacks. Cubone can be found in Pokemon Tower and Marowak can be found in Victory Road and the Unknown Dungeon.#106 Hitmonlee Hitmonlee use their feet to make lightning fast kicks. Available at the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City.#107 Hitmonchan Hitmonchan use their hands as weapons. Also available at the Fighting Dojo.#108 Lickitung Lickitung are able to shoot their tongue out like a chameleon's. They are available through trade in the lookout spot after Cycling Road.#109 Koffing Koffing evolve into Weezing at level 35.#110 Weezing Weezing are made of mostly liquid unlike most people think. Koffing and Weezing can be found at Pokemon Mansion.#111 Rhyhorn Rhyhorn evolve into Rhydon at level 42.#112 Rhydon Rhydon's special attack, horn drill can knock an enemy out with one shot. Rhyhorn can be found at Safari Zone and Rhydon can be found in the Unknown Dungeon.#113 Chansey Said to make their traniers happy, Chansey isn't much of a fighter. They can be found in the Unknwon Dungeon and Safari Zone.#114 Tangela Tangela walks around being one of the most shyest Pokemon around. They can be found in Cinnabar Island and Route 21.#115 Kangaskhan Kangaskhan's special attack, Dizzy Punch is one of the most powerful there is. Kangaskhan can be found in the Safari Zone.#116 Horsea Horsea evolve into Seadra at level 32.#117 Seadra Seadra's fins can propel it backwards at amazing speeds. Horsea can be found in Celadon City and along the Sea Routes. Seadra can be found along Victory Road and in th Unknown Dungeon.#118 Goldeen Goldeen evolve into Seaking at level 33.#119 Seaking Seaking can also learn horn drill like Rhydon. Goldeen can be found along the Sea Routes and Routes 23 and 24. Seaking can be found in Fushia City, Victory Road, and in the Unknown Dungeon.#120 Staryu Staryu evolves into Starmie using a Water Stone.#121 Starmie Starmie's shape aero-dynamically shapes them to be able to fly through the air and knock down opponents. Staryu caan be found along the Sea Routes.#122 Mr. Mime Mr. Mime uses it's crazy moves to defeat enemies. It is available through trade next to Viridian Forest.#123 Scyther Scyther's razor winged blades make it's slash attack that much more powerful. It can be found in the Safari Zone. It is only available in the Red Version.#124 Jynx Jynx has one unique move that puts you're enemy to sleep. It can be traded at Cerulean City.#125 Electabuzz Electabuzz can be found only in the Power Plant and only in the Red Version of the game.#126 Magmar Magmar are capable of hiding perfectly among flames. It is available in Pokemon Mamsion and in the Blue Version.#127 Pinsir If Pinsir fails to crush it's opponent with it's pincers it will toss them to death. It can be found in the Blue Version in the Safari Zone.#128 Tauros Tauros charges it's enem with it's several tails whipping madly. It is found in the Safari Zone.#129 Magikarp Magikarp evolve into Gyarados at level 20.#130 Gyarados Gyarados use their Dragon Rage attack to defeat their opponents at early stages. Magikarp can be found any where.#131 Lapras Lapras is usually used as a water transport. It is found in Silph CO.#132 Ditto Ditto has the power to morph into any Pokemon that you're fighting. It can be found along Routes 18 and 19 and in Victory Road and in the Unknown Dungeon.#133 Eevee Eevee evolve into Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon depending on what stone you use on it. It is available in the back of Celadon Mansion.#134 Vaporeon One of the evolved forms of Eevee using a Water Stone on it.#135 Jolteon Jolteon are the evolved form of Eevee using a Thunder Stone on it.#136 Flareon Flareon are the evolved form of Eevee using a Fire Stone on it.#137 Porygon Porygon is said to be able to move freely in cyberspace. It is available at the Game Corner only.#138 Omanyte Omanyte evolve into Omastar at level 40.#139 Omastar Omastar became extinct because their shell was to heavy to catch food. Omanyte is available using the Helix Fossil with the doctor at Cinnabar Island.#140 Kabuto Kabuto evolve into Kabutops at level 40.#141 Kabutops Kabutops' blades are that of Scyther's making a powerful slash attack. Kabuto is available using the Dome Fossil with the doctor at Cinnabar Island.#142 Aerodactyl Aerodactyl are available using the Old Amber with the doctor at Cinnabar Island.#143 Snorlax Snorlax's great weight is because all they do is eat and sleep. They are available on Cycling Road and Route 18.#144 Articuno Articuno is one of the three legendary birds. It is found ai Seafoam Island.#145 Zapdos Zapdos is the second of the three legendary birds. It is available at the Power Plant.#146 Moltres Moltres is the last of the three legendary birds. It is available at Victory Road.Moltres can be found at Mt. Ember on first island, NOT in victory road.#147 Dratini Dratini are a mystical Dragon Pokemon. It is available in the Safari Zone. It evolves into Dragonair at level 30.#148 Dragonair Dragonair are known to change climate conditions in some places. It evolves into Dragonite at level 55.#149 Dragonite Dragonite are hardly ever seen and if they are usually run away.#150 Mewtwo Mewtwo are the most powerful psychic Pokemon in the game. They are available in the Unknown Dungeon.#151 Mew Mew is actually available only using game genie or game shark. They are the best ones in the game because they can learn any TM or HM there is in the game. They also have transform like Ditto.Hope this helps. :DI'm assuming you ment the version exclusive Pokemon that are not in leaf green, so here they are:Ekans, Arbok, Growlithe, Arcanine, Psyduck, Golduck, Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, Shellder, Cloyster, Scyther, Electabuzz, Bellossum,Wooper, Quagsire, Murkrow, Qwilfish, Scizor, Delibird, Skarmory, Elekid, and the Attack form of Deoxys.Dude, there are SO many. That is the only Pokemon game I play and I know for a fact that there are hundreds apon hundreds.HM08, Dive, is only available in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald versions. There are only 7 HMs in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen versions; Flash, Cut, Fly, Strength, Surf, Rock Smash, and Waterfall.

Most likely a faulty EGR or throttle position sensor Answer Checked all vacuum lines for leaks (telltale hisssssing sounds) - no problems.Turns out to be IAC (Idle Air Control) valve , quick fix, running goodI have had the same problem with my 97 Sable 24 valve for a couple years. I can roll through town without my foot on the gas. I put in N and the tach goes up to around 2200 as long as I'm rolling. When I come to a stop it comes down to normal idle. Consequently I have gone through about three sets of front rotors.Last year they diagnosed it as a throttle position sensor to no avail. A couple days ago a mechanic said it might be the transmission range sensor, which is the new fangled name for neutral safety switch. I have the 11 pin so alot of information goes through that switch.He may be right but I hate to spend over 100 bucks for the part if it doesn't correct the problem. Also this problem seems to be absent in colder weather. It just started happening again when it got above 30 degrees. Was fine all winter.First off, thanks to the individual who posted the high idle condition/transmission shift problems on the DOHC duratec engine for Taurus/Sable and the fix being the replacement of the idle air control valve.I feel compelled to post also because I got good information that was free from someone willing to take the time and effort to post and one good turn deserves another.My experience on my 1999 Sable was very similar. My 99 Sable has the 24 valve DOHC engine, AX4N transaxle and I bought it used in 2000 with 23k miles on it. It currently has 398k miles on it. I do a lot of driving in my line of work. I'm a lawyer--have briefcase will travel.At any rate, this past May my Sable developed an erratic shift condition which only occurred after driving the vehicle 20 minutes or so after it got warmed up fully. The transmission would shift rough between first and second gears, or it would skip 2nd gear altogether and shift from 1st to 3rd and would only drop into 3rd if I took my foot off the gas. Initially there was no problem with the idle. I took it to the most reputable trans shop in the area. They kept the car for 4 days and could not fix the problem so I wasn't charged anything. I was advised that the problem was not internal to the trans. The trans shop put in a new vehicle speed sensor which did not fix the problem. I am grateful to the trans shop for not charging me and being honest and giving me a free VSS. Trans shop advised PCM was signaling proper shift points and shift solenoids were all doing their jobs properly. Yay for no charge, boo for the problem not being fixed.I then took my car to AAMCO for a trans diagnosis. Paid $50 for a diagnostic and was advised trans needed to be yanked out of vehicle and problems were internal to the tune of lots of cash. I walked out of there as fast as I could.I continued to drive the car with the erratic shift problem. Over time, the idle for the car begain to creep up also. I decided to blow some Seafom through the air intake which improved things but did not totally fix the problem. I then thoroughly cleaned the throttle body/throttle plate which improved things more but still did not totally fix the problem. I then found the above referenced post regarding replacing the idle air control valve. I didn't want to take the chance on getting a bad one from a junkyard so I coughed up $170.00 and paid off the local Ford dealer for a new one. Easy access, two bolts, one electrical connector, and gasket. Since replacing the IAC all shift problems and idle problems have vanished. Finally, money well spent on a part purchased from the dealer. I'm a happy gut until the next problem with my 99 Sable shows up. It runs like new...for now.Another experience... My 98 Had the same intermittent high idle - could drive down the road at times without touching the gas pedal.TPS trouble code was read so I replaced it - code came right back. Not a happy camper when that happened.Shortening up the story quite a bit and what appeared to be the fix: a thorough cleaning of the throttle body - used an OLD toothbrush to especially get in and around the throttle plate.Gather together: A big can of spray throttle body cleaner (Berrys B12 is what I used - and NOT carburetor cleaner), toothbrush, 5/16ths nut-driver to get the air duct off the throttle body. 20 minutes for the scrubbing should about do it.See "Related Questions" below for more

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