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Gain speed and then ride through them. Warning: Don't stop.

Its hard to get through and may take many tries. gain speed on a Mach Bike then ride over the cracks. turn without stopping. if you stop or hit something you will fall through. you need to ride on solid ground for at least 3 tiles to pass over the cracks.


He's right you know. I couldn't even get past the 2nd floor.

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Q: How do you get through sky pillar on mach bike?
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How do you get through sky pillar on pokemon ruby?

Using the Mach bike

How do you get through sky pillar to rayquazza in Pokemon emerald?

you have to use the mach bike to get across the breakable paths.

How do you get through sky pillar on sappire?

A mach bike and really fast turns. Good luck! xP

What do you do in the sky pillar in Pokemon ruby?

Ride the Mach Bike up the pillar when you get to the top you can capture Rayquaza.

How do you get threw sky pillar?

you have to ride the mach bike over the holes fast enough or you fall through. took me forever to get to the top.

How do you maneuver around the holes at sky pillar in Pokemon emerald?

You need the mach bike

How do you get past cracks on first floor in sky pillar sapphire?

You have to use a mach bike

Holes in the Floor of sky pillar?

To go over the holes on sky pillar, you'll need a mach bike to run over it at full speed.

How do you get rayquazosa in emerald?

You have to go to sky pillar and go to the top and you will see him then he'll fly away and then go to sootopolis and youll see him break up the fight against kyogre and groudon then go back to sky pillar with mach bike then ride mach bike over the cracks with mach bike and be packed with ultra balls

How do you get raqazeosa on Pokemon emerald?

you get rayquaza in the sky pillar on route 131. be sure to have a mach bike.

What are the directions pass the cracked floors in the sky pillar?

Use a mach bike at full speed.

Can you use acro bike rather than mach bike in the sky pillar?

Acro bikes won't be any use.