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count the number of rocks

they refer to numbers on a clock

if theres:

3 go right

6 go down

9 go left

12 go up

every even cave go the opposite way and there will be an item.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-25 04:18:06
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Q: How do you get through the lost cave?
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The lost cave in Pokemon FireRed?

The lost cave is found on 5 Island. You surf up through the water labyrinth, then you come to Resort Gorgeous. Turn right here and keep heading east, and you'll eventually reach Lost Cave.

In Pokemon LeafGreen what is in lost cave?

How to get to lost cave in leaf green??

Pokemon FireRed lost cave?

Lost cave is on four island

How do i navigate through cerulian cave?

it takes ages because my cousin got lost in it

What cave is lady selphy in?

lost cave dome

In what cave did Tom and Becky get lost?

McDougal's Cave

How do you find the rare candy in lost cave?

In What cave lol ?!

Where in the lost cave is murcrow on FireRed?

Just keep running around and you will eventually find one. It does take a while for Pokemon to appear in the lost cave. Murkrow is RARE in the lost cave so you won't find it easily. It can only be caught in the Firered lost cave and Misdreavus can only be caught in the Leafgreen Lost cave. You cannot get Misdreavus anywhere in Firered. It is absolutely exclusive to Leafgreen.

How did Tom and Becky get lost in the Cave?

They were discovering when they lost their way

Where is the lost cave in Pokemon firered and leafgreen?

you find lost cave on leaf green on 5 island. after resort gorgeous.

How do you get through the cave in Pokemon Sapphire?

What cave?

What caused Tom and Becky to get lost in the cave?

they were on a discovery journey when they lost their way

Where to find Murkrow in FireRed?

in lost cave

Where to find haunter?

go to pokemon tower or lost cave in leaf green(lost cave is on five island(pokemon tower is in lavender town))

Where do you find the lost cave in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to five island. Surf north to Resort Gorgeous then surf east from there to find lost cave.

How do you get through lost cave firered version?

Follow these directions: Right, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left, Down, Right, Up.

What do you do once you have found the girl in the lost cave fire version?

you will see the next cave to the place

How do you pass the cave of Mewtwo in LeafGreen?

Go through the cave.

Where do you get the full incense in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In the Lost cave.

Where did Tom Sawyer get lost with Becky?

mcgouls cave

Pokemon LeafGreen where is 2end ruby?

lost cave

What is in lost cave in pokemon leafgreen?

Absolutely nothing

Were is the lost cave in Pokemon LeafGreen?

It is in Five Island

How do you get to lost cave in pokemon firered?

Get a tutorial on you tube

How do you find a murkrow?

Murkrow is rare and can only be found in FireRed in the Lost Cave. This Cave is on Five Island.