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Get someone to open it for you.

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What do you do on island 6?

you have to go to ruin valley and use cut on the metal door and there is the sapphire

How do you escape from a room full of metal?

through the door.

What metal door locks made from?

Metal door locks are made of metal.

How do you play Dooors?

The object of each level is to open the door and proceed through it. On all the levels besides level one, there is a puzzle to solve before you can open the door. If you solve the puzzle, then the door will open and you can get to the next level.

How does Criss Angel walk through a metal door?

It was a metal gate - not a traditional door. There's a "trap door", or cutout, within the middle portion of the gate. You don't see it because it is on a narrow slide, like the two panes of glass in his "walking through a glass window" trick.

How do you walk through that large metal door in ben 10 alien device?

you click on the thing on the right of the door and grey matter does it

In dragonfable can you have a higher level then level 60?

yes you can. you can go up to level 999 or 1000.if you dont believe me,go to oaklore,go through the middle door,and go to the left door.

How do you get through the level 3 door on sift heads 3?

when you press the button to open the door you have to shoot the door gears up in the top left

Does candace come from the metal?

No, she does not come from the metal. That is a rumor made up by some penguins when they were first allowed to go up there. The "Metal" is actually a Jet Pack Landing that can be found in the first level of "Jet Pack Adventure" which you can play on the Beacon of the Lighthouse. Cadence comes from the Door, not the metal. I have met her before. Door, not metal.

Why are microwave doors lined with a metal net?

The metal net reflects microwaves that hit the door back to the food instead of through the glass and into you.

How do you complete level 34 on 100 door of revenge?

You need to go through the walkthroughs at the floors game blog to know how you will complete level 34 on the 100 door of revenge.

How do i get through the level metal head Mario on super Mario 64?

Go to the underground tunnel and hit that cucumber block in the water place, slide into water, keep going left until you see a switch, get on it and a door will open up, go into the door, get the star.

What metal is a fridge door made from?

The metal in a fridge door is made from sheet metal. The sheet metal is either clinched or welded together.

Who gives you Eevee on Pokemon FireRed?

enter through the back door of mansion in celadon and go 2 top level. go through door and take poke ball

How can you get shot in your car from somebody outside the car without breaking the windows with the door lock?

A car door is very thin metal. Most bullets will pass right through the door.

Can you make a spark by touching a wooden door or a metal door knob?

A metal doorknob

How walk through metal detectors are in USA?

One foot in front of the other, just like you would walk through a door-way.

How do you beat this is the only level 3 stage 28?

drag a door(with the mouse) past the invisible wall then go through the matching door

What metals door hinges made out of?

well metal door hinges are made out out metal obviously

What defines a door handle as opposed to a door knob?

A door handle is a horizontal piece of metal that you pull downwards to open the door, while a door knob is a spherical piece of metal you twist to open the door.

How do you get through the metal door on the river level on Pokemon Snap?

After you have obtained the Pester balls, go to the river level. Near the end, you see a switch on the ground to the right. Behind it, you see something moving poking out through the bushes. Throw a pester ball at it. A Porygon will jump out and land on the switch. I'm sure you know what happens next. ;)

On LEGO Harry Potter how do you get passed the giant policeman that blocks the door?

If you are on year 3 level 2 and you are following the ghost, go to the other door to the right and then find your way from there. You need to jump through the broken window after that and go through the door there. Then, you will be in the court yard where you can ride on the plunger. Then, you will see an arrow in front of the nearest door. Go through that door and go through that hallway and you will see the ghost - he can guide you from there.

What order do you pull the levers to get the oil can on RuneScape?

Pull A and B, Go through the northeastern door. Pull D, Go through the southwestern door then go through the southern door. Pull A and B, Go through the northwestern door then the western door then the northern door. Pull E & F, Go through the eastern door and then through the eastern door. Pull C, Go through the northwestern door then through the western door. Pull E, Go through the eastern door, the southern door, the southern door and finally the western door where you will find the oil can.

Can alligators break through a glass door?

Yes, and they can also break through metal doors as well. So, you should move if you live near some.

How to repair small rust hole in metal garage door?

How to repair rust hole in an insulated metal garage door