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How do you get to Clair in Pokemon Crystal?


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You have to go to Blackthorn City.

Once you're in there you need strength to move boulders into the black holes where there is ice. Just push boulders in so you can go into the ladder and you should get a pathway to get to Clair

The above is to get through the Ice Passage but if you are referring to the inside of the gym you must climb the ladder just after the first opponent and once you are up there you have to push the boulders into holes to get a path across the lava if done correctly you only need to battle three people before taking on Clair.

Good Luck

edit: you will have to go to goldenrod city after you get icywind from the 7th gym and go to the tower before going to blackthorn city


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beat Clair when she doesnt give you your badge she will tell you to go into dragons den

You need to go to Dragons Den. You need both surf and whirpool. Get the dragon fang and Clair come to you. She gives you the Rising Badge and TM 24( Dragonbreath).

Clair is in the gym in Blackthorn City

To get into Dragon's Den, you need to have beaten Clair (Blackthorn City's gym leader). Once you have beaten her, the old man standing in front of the entrance will have moved. You might want to heal your Pokemon after battling Clair as there are trainers in Dragon's Den.

Three female Dragonair, all level 37, and a female Kingdra, level 40. Clair is her real name, by the way, and she specifies in Dragon types.

you have to solve the team rocket problem in goldenrod city's radio tower. N

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Clair is a cousin of Lance of the Elite Four. Claire's purpose is leader of the gym in Blackthorn City. Her purpose is to defeat the player. She is a major enemy in Pokemon. She is a boss! As gym leader, she will battle the player for the right to earn a new badge. Claire is most adept with Pokemon that are Dragon-type. She will fight the player with Dratini, Dragonair, and Kingdra in the Gold version, the Silver version, and Crystal.

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