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How do you get to Huntsville prison from Pasadena TX 77502?



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  1. Take the Pasadena Fwy (SH-225) WEST to I-610 (Loop Fwy) NORTH.
  2. Take I-610 (Loop Fwy) to I-45 NORTH to DALLAS at EXIT 17B.
  3. Take I-45 NORTH to SH-30/U.S. 190 EAST (11th St) at EXIT 116. This is a Huntsville exit.
  4. Go up to the light and turn right onto 11th St (SH-30 EAST/U.S. 190 EAST).
  5. Take SH-30/U.S. 190 EAST on 11th St to Avenue I, which is two lights east of Sam Houston Ave (SH-75 SOUTH). Turn right onto Avenue I.
  6. Take Avenue I to 12th St. Turn left onto 12th St.
  7. Take 12th St to the Prison. It will be on your right. The address is 815 12th St, Huntsville, TX 77340.