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If you mean Commander Mars from Generation IV games, she is seen at Valley Windworks near Route 205. On the second encounter, she is at Lake Verity, then last seen on top of Spear Pillar, who will fight alongside Commander Jupiter.

In Platinum, it is slightly different. She is seen arguing with Charon in the Valley Windworks, then found in Lake Verity, again at Spear Pillar, but alternatively can be found again at Stark Mountain.

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Q: How do you get to Mars in Pokemon?
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Who plays Mars in Pokemon?

Lisa ortis plays mars in Pokemon

More cheats for pokemon saphire?

you cant go to mars on pokemon saphire you can only go to mars if you were a astronot

Where is route 216 in Pokemon platinum?

on mars

How do you get to Mars to catch Mewthree in Pokemon?

First of all, Mars doesn't exist in any of the Pokemon games, and second, Mewthree doesn't exist at all.

How do you beat commender mars on Pokemon diamond?

level your Pokemon up to 80

Does Pokemon live in earth?

Mars Jupiter Saturn

Where can I find commander Mars and commander Jupiter?

on Pokemon platinum mars and Jupiter plus charon is in stark mountain ok

What to do after beating commander mars the second time in Pokemon platinum?

Get a job?

How do you defeat Commander Mars in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

with empoleon ,infernape and torterra

What does mars say after she beats berry on Pokemon Pearl?

you spelled pearl wrong

Where do you battle mars in Pokemon platinum?

when you battle mars you first find her in valley windwork,then you will the face her lake verity, then it you finally face her with jupiter in a double battle with you ally

Where do you find the balloon pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

valley windworks but you need to beat team galactic commander mars for the first time p.s its on Friday

What is the male symbol fo Pokemon?

The male symbol for pokemon is the Mars Symbol (a circle with an arrow pointing out of the upper right). It's blue in the games.

What Pokemon do commaner mars comantder Jupiter have?

she has a zubat leval 18 and a skunktank leval 20

Where do Mars and Jupiter go after Stark Mountain in Pokemon Platinum?

They basically disappear for the rest of the game

How do you go to Mars in Pokemon Ruby?

People say you talk to the guy in the white jumpsuit after X many lanches but it's just a bogus roomer. You can't go to mars

Were on Pokemon Diamond do you catch the rare Pokemon Diaglo?

go tospear pillarafter rescuing the lake Pokemon before you get to dialga you must beat mars, Jupiter and the head of the team galactic the you will be able to battle him

Where is a trainer with a munchlax in Pokemon pearl?

your rival has a munchlax when u vs Jupiter and mars in spear pillar

How do get past the Galatic Grunts on the bridge in the town of Floaroma in Pokemon platinum?

beat mars in valley windworks

On Pokemon platinum how do you get to the distortion worl?

Go to mt Coronet, beat Mars and Jupiter and you will see a portl

Is there a glitch that lets you catch Deoxys in Pokemon FireRed?

From what I understand, Yes!! I think it's a glitch, but you CAN'T catch deoxys normally in Pokemon FireRed. and in Pokemon ranbow (only in japan,and internet. even on mars

Where is commander mars in Pokemon platinum?

there are four battles with mars 1: valley windworks 2: lake verity 3: tag battle with Jupiter at spear pillar 4: stark mountain

Is there a trainer with munchlax in Pokemon pearl?

when you go to spear pillar you battle mars and Jupiter with your rival and your rival has a munchlax

Who are the Pokemon platinum commanders?

comander mars comander jupitar comander saturn comander charon (new guy)

On Pokemon platinum two team galactic guys are blockinging eterna forest what do you do?

go to the valley windworks and deafeat mars