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How do you get to One Island?

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Someone will ask you in the Vermilion City near the pier if you would like to go to some places

2008-06-18 08:15:52
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Q: How do you get to One Island?
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What state has one town on an island?

The state that has one town on an island is Alabama. The town of Dauphin Island is on the barrier island called Dauphin Island.

Where is your rival on one island in Pokemon FireRed?

he isn't in the one island

What to do to get to the island one in FireRed?

You will need have beaten Blaine on Cinnabar Island to gain access to Island One. When you exit the Gym, Bill will ask a favour and take you to Island One.

What thing you find to get in one island?

Beat Blaine on Cinnabar Island and Bill will take you to One, Two, and Three Island.

Is Ellis Island and liberty island one island?

No. Liberty Island is the Island where the Statue of Liberty is located. Ellis Island is about a mile away from that.

How do you get to another island on GTA on PS2?

coplete all the levels on one island then you get more missions to get you on another island which alowes you to stay on that island. coplete all the levels on one island then you get more missions to get you on another island which alowes you to stay on that island.

How do you get the sapphire and ruby gem in Pokemon fire red?

One Gem is at One island and the other one is at Four Island. this is not true it is near island 6

What is the island in bass straight?

Flinders Island is one.

Is there any island on earth that belongs to no-one?

Most likely not because if one finds a new unregistered island, then one gets all rights for that island (The on who presents the document)

Do you get Ho-oh on One Island?

You get moltres on one island not ho-oh

Where is one island in firered?

Go to vermillion city and take the boat to one island

Where is tingle island on wind waker?

One west and one down from Windfall Island

What is the duration of Space Island One?

The duration of Space Island One is 2700.0 seconds.

Is prince edward island a province on a island in Canada?

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is an island. The entire island is one province.

Where is the mermaid on molida island?

there is no mermaid on molida island there is one on wayfarers island though

How do you get to Island One on Pokemon?

After you beat Cinibar Island you are able to go to Island 1.

Is kona a hawaiian island?

No. Kona is one area on the island of Hawaii (The Big Island)

How is a island different to a deserted island?

A island is a place where many people Hawaii. A deserted island is and island with no one living on it

How many beaches does Cyprus have?

One, it's an island!only one (1) because its a island!

Can you see one Hawaiian island from another?

yes, you can see one hawaiian island from another

On Poptropica Counterfeit Island who kills you?

No one, No one kills you on any island. Rocker180, just adding that part so no one asks about being killed on another island.

Where can one access a Sea Island Bank branch?

One can access a Sea Island Bank branch by finding a near branch by locating one in the official Sea Island Bank branch. Also, one can access the Sea Island Branch online.

How do you get on four island on FireRed?

do the errand for bill on one island.

What is the main island of Nauru?

Nauru is just the one island.

What island do you go to to get to mt ember in FireRed?

One Island.