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How do you get to birth island in emerald?

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You need the aurora ticket which was given out on a Nintendo event which has long since passed.

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Where is Deoxys in emerald?

birth island

Pokemon Emerald how to go to birth island?

the way to get to birth island is to get the auroua ticket

Were is deoxys in emerald?

You must obtain Deoxys from Birth Island in Emerald.

What is the name of the island the Deoxys are on in Pokemon Emerald?

Birth island

What are the secret islands in emerald?

Faraway island, Birth island and Southern island.

Where to get Deoxys in Pokemon emerald?

Birth island.

Where is birth island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

birth island is on emraeld not leaf green its on EMERALD,LEAFGREEN,AND FIRERED

How do you get dyoxys on Pokemon Emerald?

You go to birth island

How do you get deoxsy in Pokemon emerald?

By going to birth island

Where is birth island on Pokemon diamond?

That is in emerald sorry

Where to find dexoys in Pokemon Emerald?

On Birth Island.

Pokemon Emerald how do you get deoxis?

If you got the Birth Island event then you can get it.

How do you to birth island in emerald for gba?

Need a Aurora ticket to get there.

When to get Deoxys in emerald?

Nintendo event. Birth Island Ticket.

How do you warp to birth island in Pokemon Emerald?

eat a potatoe

Where is birth island in Pokemon Diamond?

There isn't a birth island on diamond only on fire red leaf green and emerald sorry.

What is Birth island on Emerald?

It is an island where you can catch Deoxys there. But you need a Game Shark or Action Replay to get there.

What do you do on birth island on pokemon emerald?

Solve the puzzle and catch deoxys

Can you get the deyoxes in Pokemon emerald?

Yes you can go to birth island or you can get a gameshark

How can you catch deoxis in Pokemon emerald?

You'll have to go to Birth Island.

Can you get Deoxys in Pokemon sapphire?

through a trade from emerald or buying a game shark and the deoxys is still real if you use cheats to get 2 birth islandNo, but you can get one in Emerald on Birth island with the aurora ticket.

Do you have to mix records to get to Birth Island on Pokemon Emerald?

You have to go to a Nintendo event that gives out the aurora ticket once you get it you can go to birth island.

How do you get a mew in Pokemon emerald with a wireless adapter?

go to where to get to mew or deoxys ,birth island or faraway island?

Islands in Pokemon Emerald?

There are a few islands you can go to: Navel rock, Birth island, Southern island, Faraway island, Mirage island.

Pokemon Ruby how to get to birth island?

Birth Island is not available on Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire. You can only go there in Fire Red, Leaf Green, and Emerald.