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Well, if you are going to get to Celedon City go to Lavender Town and keep going to the left. You have to battle a bunch of people if you haven't already. You will then see an underground path. Go through it and you will find yourself on Route 7. Go to the the top left hand corner. You will be in Celedon city.

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Q: How do you get to celedon city?
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Where is celedon city in emerald?

There is no Celedon City in Pokemon Emerald

Where is the game corner in leafgreen?

its in celedon city. its on the right of safferon. celedon is the city with the department store. its abpout in the middle.Celadon city

Where is the casino in Pokemon LeafGreen?

celedon city

Where is Eevee Pokemon FireRed?

celedon city

Where is the rocket center in celedon city?

In Celadon City, of course.

What city is celedon store in on Pokemon pearl?

veilstone city has the super store.

Where is celedon city?

Kanto West of Safron North of Fussia

Where would you find the missing machine part?

in celedon city

Where is the underground tunnel in celedon city in yellow?

In Lavender Town.

How do you get the coincase for Pokemon FireRed?

Go to Celedon city. When in Celedon go to the bottom of the city. You will see a restraunt go inside. Then talk to a man in the back. Talk to him and he will hand one over.

Where is the celedon department store?

In celedon..

Where is Jubilife TV Center?

In Celedon City. In the North-West Corner.

How do you get a leaf stone in FireRed?

you can buy them in celedon city department store

Where do you get pokedex rewards in FireRed?

in celedon city where the girl gives you tea.

Where do you get a thunder stone in pokemon leafgreen?

buy it at the celedon city shop

Where is team rockets seceret base?

In The Game Area In Celedon City

What places should you use the itemfinder in firered?

. underground path in Celedon city

How do you get past the guard to get saffron city in fire red?

you need to get tea in celedon city and give it to the guard

How do you get to celedons department store?

Go west from Saffron City and enter Celedon City. It's at the far west of the city.

Where do you get the guards a drink in Pokemon Red?

At Celedon City, go talk to the old lady in Celedon Mansion. She'll give you some hot tea and that's what you give to the guards.

Where is gym leader Erika in Pokemon fire red?

celedon city, 4th gym

Where is the cycle road in Pokemon Blue?

The cycle road in blue starts from the west celedon city exit to fushia city

How do you get to the casino in Pokemon Yellow?

you go to celedon city and there are two buildings go to the bigger one

In Pokemon FireRed where is the game corner?

the game corner is in Celedon city which is west of Saffron and Lavender

Where do you find a coin case Pokemon FireRed?

u could find it in a house in celedon city