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I believe that creative mode is the online version of minecraft that can be found on the website that does not require an account.

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Actually, that's not entirely true. The version that you can find online for free is Minecraft classic - which IS a form of creative mode (as you can't die, and you have unlimited amounts of all blocks available), but it's very outdated and people don't refer to it as "creative mode".

Minecraft Creative is available in and part of 1.8 Beta with all regular blocks that you know from the current Minecraft version.

I don't play online, so i don't know how to switch to creative there, but when you're in single player this is how you get creative mode:

1) In single player, click on "create new world"

2) Choose mode "creative mode" instead of "survival mode"

And that's it. Very easy. :D

Improved answer yet again:

Yes all of those answers are correct, but they don't entirely answer the question. In single player you do select survival, hardcore, or creative mode, but in multiplier you must be and operator to be creative or an operator must set you to creative. The command for that is you type /gamemode (username) 0 for survival and 1 for creative. :D And there you have it!

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Q: How do you get to creative mode in Minecraft?
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Is the creative mode on Minecraft Xbox?

at this time there is no creative mode on minecraft xbox edition

How do you use creative mode Minecraft?

Download the mode or change the play mode to creative.

How to get out of create mode on Minecraft?

If you didn't buy Minecraft Survival then it is impossible to get out of creative mode. If you started a world with creative mode, get TMI (TooManyItems Mod). You can switch between Creative and Survival mode.

How do you get creative mode on Minecraft Xbox?

there is not a creative mode on xbox minecraft but im shure if you ask notch he might add it

Are there monsters in minecraft pocket edition lite creative mode?

Yes, there's monsters in Minecraft P.E. creative mode.

How do you equip clothes in minecraft creative mode?

You can't equip armour in creative mode. But what you can do is download a minecraft skin and put that on :).

Can you play creative mode in free no download minecraft?

Yes. In order to play in Creative mode without downloading Minecraft, go to their website, and find the button that says creative mode (free). And also browser on SupremeStrategy .com

Can you get string in minecraft creative mode?

Yes, it is under "Materials" in the Creative Mode inventory.

Are there animals on creative Minecraft?

Yes, there are animals in creative mode.

How do you fly as a vampire in minecraft?

A fly mod or you can do creative mode on creative mode you double click

How do you craft on creative mode in minecraft pe?

You can't craft anything because you already have just about everything there is in minecraft on creative mode. If you want to craft stuff, you have to be on survival mode.

Can you get in to the nether on minecraft in creative mode?


Can you summon herobrine in creative mode in minecraft?


Are there monsters in Minecraft creative mode?

If the difficulty isn't set to peaceful, mobs will spawn in creative mode.

How do you turn survival mode into creative mode on minecraft PE?

you can't

How do you switch into creative mode using Kronos Minecraft Hack?

with the "creative" button.

Are there any monsters on creative mode on minecraft?

Yes, monsters appear in creative mode, but do not attack you unless you provoke them.

How do you get play creative mode on minecraft xbox?

You cant, i don't want to buy it for xbox if theres no creative mode.

Is there a way to make creative mode into survival mode on minecraft?

If you have cheats on, you can type /gamemode survival to get to survival and to get back to creative do /gamemode creative.

When did creative mode come out in minecraft?

It came out in 1.8

How do you craft on minecraft pe in creative mode?

You can't

Can you find strongholds in minecraft on creative mode?


How do you get in creative mode minecraft xbox360?

there is a button for it now

Can TNT explode in minecraft on creative mode?

yes it can

When does it get dark when you are in creative mode in minecraft pe?