Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

How do you get to golden rod city in pokemon leaf green version?

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There isn't black city in Pokemon white version. It is a Pokemon black version exclusive

In Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Fire Red/Leaf Green version a girl in Vermillion city will trade you one if you give her a Spearow. In Pokemon Diamond/Pearl version, it a swarm on Route 221.

You cant go to Goldenrod city in leaf green - only in Silver and Gold

Black City is exclusive to Pokemon Black version and cannot be found on Pokemon White version.

in golden rod city an in lavender city the tents

Its in virdian city. The gym leader is Govanni, and he uses ground and fighting pokemon.

You can get Pollywhirl in Pokemon Leaf Green in Virdian City.

You go down to the city and talk to the guy that brags about his pokemon. Hell give you a bike voucher and go to the store. He will give you a bike.

pokemon snakewood is a hacked version

To Surf in Pokemon Leaf Green, you must go to the Safari Zone in Fucshia City. In one part of the Safari Zone, you will find a building that contains the Surf HM. Teach it to a compatible Pokemon to gain the ability to swim.

In fushia city go in the safari zone and find in each and every ball lying on the ground.

you cant get to goldenrod city in Pokemon fire red its impossible

The fifth gym in pokemon gold version is cianwood city . Its a fighting gym

go through vridian forest once you pass the Pokemon day care your at golden rod

in golden rod citythe city that has cilph co.

golden rod city is in the johto region and fire red takes place in the kanto region

There is no "Pal Park" in Pokemon Firered Version.

hearthome city you know the city with Pokemon contest

You get the soul badge from Koga in Fuchsia City.

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