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Q: How do you get to grand centrl sta to penn sta?
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How long does subway from Penn Sta to Yankee Stadium?

45 minutes

Does metro north poughkeepsie go to penn station nyc?

MetroNorth from Poughkeepsie goes to Grand Central. Amtrak from Poughkeepsie goes to Penn STation. It's very easy to take MetroNOrth to Grand Central and then get the subway to Penn Station.

Where do you get on a helicopter on grand theft auto vice city stories?

at the airport or hyman mem. sta.

Is Grand Central or Penn Station closer to Times Square?

Penn Station is closer. Penn Station is less than half a mile south of Times Square, while Grand Central is a little over a mile east of Times Square.

Is it better to use Penn station or Grand Central station to get to Poughkeepsie?

Grand Central because you can get Metro-North trains, which run on a schedule and are cheaper than Amtrak. At Penn Station, you can get Amtrak, which runs less frequently, and is more expensive. Amtrak stops only at Penn Station and Metro-North only stops at Grand Central

Is there a train to get from Baltimore to grand central in NYC?

The train from Baltimore goes into Penn Station. You can catch a shuttle from there to Grand Central.

Is Penn Station or Grand Central closer to Rockefeller Center?

They are roughly equidistant.

How many women representatives are there in current in karnataka?

02 from karnataka in the centrl parliament

What is the central part of your solar system?

The sun is the centrl point of the solar system.

How many Women representative are there in current in Karnataka?

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Does the train from NYC to Scarsdale leave from Penn Station?

No, it leaves from Grand Central Terminal. The Scarsdale station is a Metro-North station, on the Harlem line. The terminus for Metro-North trains is Grand Central, not Penn Station.

Is there a train from Grand Central Terminal to Princeton University?

Nope. You have to use penn station