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easy. u finish the majin buu or the special saga


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dont think so but there all of the gt sagas in dragonballz budokai tenkaichi 2

No he is is dragon ball GT now he WOULD if it was called:dragon ball gt budokai 3.

clear imortal monster in dragon history gt saga

Saiyan saga, Frieza saga, Android saga, Majin Buu saga, Special saga, Dragonball GT saga, Dragonball saga, The what if saga.

No dragon ball gt is after dragon ball z kai after the majin buu saga

the saiyan saga when raditz vegeta and nappa come to Earth,frieza saga during the heroes quest to find the Namekian dragon balls,android saga when Trunks warns the Z fighters about the androids, buu saga featured on buu, special saga is all the movies, dragon ball saga are the big dragon ball fights, dragon ball gt saga i obvious and the what if saga based on fights that no one knows about that took place.

Not the last season, last installment of the dragon ball saga. But yes.

after. it is set in place about 10 years after the majin buu saga, which is 10 years after the cell saga

See, First comes Dragon Ball, then Dragon Ball Z, then Dragon Ball GT. In DBZ there are 276 episodes divided into saga's which are # The Saiyan Saga # The Namek Saga # The Ginyu Saga # The Freeza Saga # The Garlic jr. Saga # The Future Trunks Saga # The Android Saga # The Imperfect Cell Saga # The Cell Games Saga # The Saiyaman Saga # The World Tournament Saga # The Babadi Saga # The Buu Saga # The Fusion Saga # The Kid Buu Saga Here's a link to the episode guide -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i think you asked about seasons i have seen them all so i can tell you there are 9 in dragon ball z and 2 in dragon ball gt

May be you should be knowing that dragon ball z kai is the shorter version of dragon ball z. When dragon ball z kai was being made they decided to make it till the cell saga and buu saga was cancelled so their can't be a second season because their is no story after buu saga except dragon ball gt but dragon ball gt already contains 64 episodes so their cannot be any shorter version of dragon ball gt

Best way is to play the Dragon Ball GT saga. Play against Nova Shenron as Son Goku (GT)... In the beginning of the bout, fly into as many buildings as it takes before finding a dragon ball. Most times you'll find it pretty fast. You can tell you have a DB if the symbol pops up between your health huds.

hey if you want to know that what happened in dragon ball gt there are so many ways like play a game which has story from dragon ball to dragon ball gt or see in you tube one by one all the episodes is the way I know what happened in gt and AF.If you don't getting game you can take like dragon ball budokai tenkaichi3, dragon ball raging blast or dragon ball burst limit Thank you

you have to beat the first level in he dragon boll gt saga

there is no password you just unlock him after you have beaten the dragon ball gt saga.

yes you can. but it is hard to find and i dont know where they sell it.

13 seasons in dragon ball (Original), 6 seasons in dragon ball k (Kai) 18 seasons in dragon ball z (Z-Warriors), 4 seasons in dragon ball gt (Grand Tour) and 22 seasons in dragon ball AF (After Future). Here are entire dragon ball series saga: DRAGON BALL: Emperor Pilaf Saga First World Martial Arts Championship Saga Red Ribbon Army Saga Muccle Tower Saga Sub Misson Saga General Blue Saga Commander Red Saga Fortune Teller Baba Saga Tienshinhan Saga King Piccolo Super Raditz Saga Ultumate Battle Saga Piccolo Jr. Saga DRAGON BALL K: Sinor Vegeta Saga Evil Vegeta Saga Prince Vegeta Saga Tenkaichi Saga Ultamate Final Battle Saga Peaceful World Saga DRAGON BALL Z: Saiyan Saga Namek Saga Captain Ginyu Saga Frieza Saga Garlic Jr. Saga Trunks Saga Super Saiyan Saga Android Saga Imperfect Cell Saga Perfect Cell Saga Cell Games Saga Great Saiyanman Saga World Tournament Saga Babidi Saga Majin Buu Saga Fusion Saga Kid Buu Saga The New Begaining Saga DRAGON BALL GT: Black Star Dragonball Saga Baby Saga Super 17 Saga Shadow Dragon Saga Hero's legasy Saga DRAGON BALL AF: Xicor saga Super Goku saga Battle saga Great Saiyan saga Mystic dragonball saga Ultimate saga Buuza saga Kidnapped saga Mystic saga Budokai saga Broby saga Amazon saga Earth saga Vegeta saga Super Broly Saga Black dragon saga Fury saga Universal Saga Karo Saga Black-Star Resurrection Saga Final Battle Saga The Final Blast Saga The End Of The Battle Saga

Go to World Tournament and win. Then you get the Dragon Balls. If you want the Black Star Dragon Balls you have to win the fight against Nuova Shenron in Dragon ball gt saga of 3 to the end of the saga.

Tohru Inada has: Played Alarm Mecha in "Dragon Ball GT" in 1996. Played Soldier A in "Dragon Ball GT" in 1996. Played Doctor in "Dragon Ball GT" in 1996. Played Man A in "Dragon Ball GT" in 1996. Played Hanma in "Dragon Ball GT" in 1996. Played Villager in "Dragon Ball GT" in 1996. Played Announce in "Dragon Ball GT" in 1996. Played Bizu in "Dragon Ball GT" in 1996. Played Anchan B in "Dragon Ball GT" in 1996. Played Devotee in "Dragon Ball GT" in 1996. Played Dinosaur in "Dragon Ball GT" in 1996. Played Arijigokumodoki in "Dragon Ball GT" in 1996. Played Ebich Lee in "Dragon Ball GT" in 1996. Played Luud in "Dragon Ball GT" in 1996.

yes :dragon ball gt transformation

Dragon Ball GT was created in 1996.

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