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The Legend of Zelda

How do you get to level five in Zelda?


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go to goron city. go down a couple stories and you will see a rolling goron.get a bomb and make it explode on him.he will stop to him. eventually you have to answer a question. if you answer wrong you can try again. anwer it right and he will give you a red tunic called the goron tunic. with this you can stand the heat in the valcano. all the doors will open.go through the door at the bottom that has the carpet next to it. go in and move the statue backwards. go through the passage into the valcano.go across the broken bridge with the hookshot.shiek will be there to teach you the boloro of fire.whe that's done go across to the smiley face in the wall.go down the latter and go backwards and youl be there.