How do you get to move when zooming in Blockland?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do you get to move when zooming in Blockland?
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How do you get zombies to move in blockland?

You have to shoot them, then they will move. - Ace Frog

How do you move on Blockland?

The Default Keys for Blockland Are W=Move Foreward S=Move Backwards A=Starfe Left D=Stafe Right These controls can be edited on the Options Menu..

Why do you move forward Automaticly when you jet in Blockland V13?

its only if you crouch

What is a zooming in and zooming out?

on cameras the signs w and t are zooming out and zooming in w=zoom out t=zoom in

How do you downlod Blockland village?

You have to go to Return To Blockland to download stuff for Blockland.

What is the key code for blockland?

Blockland generate key online:

How do you get addons on blockland?

You can get Addons from either: -Blockland Fourm's Add-On Page -Return To Blockland

How do you download songs on Blockland?

You go to Return To Blockland (RTB) where you can download anything for Blockland.

Why does blockland lag?

blockland it lags because of it

What ages are blockland?

Blockland is for all ages.

When was Blockland created?

Blockland was created in 2007.

When did Blockland happen?

Blockland happened in 2007.