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How do you get to naval rock?

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you have to get the mystic ticket at a Nintendo event

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Where does Lugia live?

naval rock

How can you get to naval rock?

gameshark code

Where is Lugia in pokemon firered?

Lugia is found on Naval Rock in Fire Red. In order to get to Naval Rock, you must have the Mysticticket which is an event-only item.

What is the GameShark code for Navel rock?

Gameshark_v3 Naval Rock 82031DBC 2402

Where to fine Hooh in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Naval rock

Where is Lugia in Pokemon Emerald?

Lugia can only be found on Naval rock in Pokemon Emerald. The Mystic Ticket is needed to grant access to the boat that will take you to Naval Rock.

Where is naval rock in pokemon emerald?

i thougt navel rock was Pokemon leaf green and fire red. (navel rock = nine island)

What is the rock that guards the Mediterranean?

The rock that guards the Mediterranean is the rock of Gibraltar. It has been a symbol of British Naval strength since the 18th century.

How do you get to naval rock in Pokemon Ruby?

u need a special ticket

What are the codes for the ticket to navel rock in Pokemon pearl?

there is no naval rock in pearl only in emerald, firered ,leefgreen

Where can you catch lugia in emerald?

YOu find it in naval rock. you need a national pokedex

Where is Ho-oh on Pokemon FireRed?

either naval rock or just not in firered

Where can you catch Lugia in pokemon leafgreen?

You will have had to attend an event to get access to Naval Rock where Lugia is.

What is the Pokemon fire red warp code for naval rock?

the warp code is 47gn48fnfrj

How do you catch Lugia in sapphire?

you have to get to naval rock with one of the tickets. you get lugia and ho-oh. mustard is good

Where will meet dyoxis and Lugia?

you have to get to naval rock by getting the mystery gift then u would see lugia

Where is Ho-oh in Pokemon Emerald?

You find it on Naval Rock, which you can only access through an event.

Where is the Pokemon ho-ho found in firered?

on Naval Rock via Nintendo Event Ticket

How big was the rock in d-day?

Rock? The Rangers were given the mission to scale a vertical clift to knock out naval guns. These clifts were 100 feet high.

How do you get Lugia in xd?

get the mystery gift on lg/fr and get ticket to naval rock in there you will see lugia and ho-ho 55555555555555555555555555555

When you get the Mystery Gift how do you get the Naval Rock?

go to any Pokemon mart fill in the questionar and put in the words "link together with all"

What are the five publications that comprise the Navy Doctrine Publication?

Naval Command and ControlNaval PlanningNaval LogisticsNaval IntelligenceNaval Warfare

What is the adjective form of navy?

naval examples: a naval officer, The U.S. Naval Academy, a U.S. naval ship

I have a Pokemon fire red game that has a file in it.its name is AAAAAAAA.anyway he has a ticket to Navel Rock but i need to beat the Pokemon league what do i do?

You go to the Indigo Plateu and battle the Pokemon league then go to Naval Rock.

What is the root word for naval?