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How do you get to the 3 islands on Blue?


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2010-04-19 00:01:06

In blue, the 3 islands hav'nt even been invented yet.


A glitch happened in blue version

here is the news: mylazysundays.com <---don't respawn to this website its disgusting.

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its seafoam islands and its where you catch Articuno.

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i think there are only 3 islands Acually there are 7 islands

lost in blue 3 is a DS games. lost in blue 1, lost in blue 2 , and 3!

when u get to fuschia city defeat the gim leader and bill will come and give u the ticket to islands 1-3

you have to go to a jetty (you can find them as a blue square on the minimap)

It is articuno, found in the seafoam islands.

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