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i haven't played that version but if you go to YouTube search up pokemon ruby walkthrough

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Were is the 7 gym in Pokemon Ruby destiny 4?

Pokemon ruby where is the 6 gym

Where is gym 4 in Pokemon Ruby?

it is in lavaridge town

How do you get into the first gym in Pokemon ruby?

In first gum in petarburg city you can not go. Your first gum is in rustoboro city. But you can battle in petarburg city gum if you have 4 gum badges.

Where is the 4 gym leader in Ruby?

It's your father, in Petalburg city

How do you get your dad to battle you in Pokemon ruby?

You have to get 4 gym badges. Then head back, and battle him.

Where do you go after luster city on Pokemon Ruby destiny 4?

first of all there is no such thing as Pokemon ruby destiny 4 but there is Pokemon ruby there is also no such thing as luster city either so get your head screwed on the right way (no offense)

How do you find gym 4 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The 4th gym is in celadon city it's located at the bottom left corner of the city.

When aree you able to fight your dad in Pokemon ruby?

You can fight your father in the Petalburg Gym after you obtain 4 gym badges from other cities. -Wiz

Were do you get surf on pokemon emerald?

Beat 4 Gym leaders then beat the gym leader in petalburg city.

How do you get the fifth badge on Pokemon ruby version?

go back to petalburg after you get badge 4 and take the gym challenge

How do you get to the battle pyramid Pokemon sapphire and ruby and emerald?

You have to beat all gym leaders and the Elite 4 and Champion.

Where do you go when you have 4 gym badges inn Pokemon ruby?

I'm pretty sure you go back to Petalburg to battle Norman for the 5th gym badge.

Where is the gym in Pokemon Silver?

1 gym- violet city 2 gym- i forgot 3 gym- golden rod city 4 gym- ecrtueck towm or city 5 gym cianwood city 6 gym - olivine city 7 gym-near lake rage 8 gym dragon thorn city (dragon type hard)

Where is th HM 4 on Pokemon ruby?

some guy in mauville city

Where is elite four in Pokemon ruby?

By defeating the 8 gym leaders and then going to ever grande city you'll have to go trough victory road on ever grande city before you can get to the building in which the elite 4 will be waiting...

What do you do after you get the 7 gym badge on Pokemon ruby?

you dive to get to sootopolis which is in the south east from mosdeep then fight groudon then you can challenge the gym leader and get your 8th gym badge. then u challenge the elite 4.

What city is the 4 gym in heartgold?

The fourth gym is located in Ecruteak City. You can find this city by progressing north from Goldenrod City. The gym is home to ghost type Pokemon. Its leader is the ghost-type leader, Morty.

How do you into the heart home gym on Pokemon pearl?

You must have 4 badges before you are allowed to challenge the Hearthome City Gym.

Where is gym 4 in FireRed?

Gym Four is in Celadon City. Go right from Lavender town. Erika is the Gym Leader, and she trains Grass Pokemon.

Where is the 4 gym badge in Pokemon Heartgold?

It is in Ecrutuk city the leader is morty who uses ghost type Pokemon

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