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Q: How do you get to the club penguin army Night Worriers server box before entering club penguin?
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How do you see if your friends are in a server in club penguin before entering the server?

If there is a smile beside the server that means 1-some friends are on.

Where do you type in the club penguin codes?

Both the server select page and the homepage has the link to code entering.

What server does the orange penguin talk to you club penguin?

the penguin is on a different server every time

What server is penguin band on?

the Penguin band is on busy servers. I have seen the penguin band twice in 1 day on the same server. (it was server mammoth)

How do you go into a full server on club penguin?

To get into a full server, you would have to use Club Penguin Storm. Then you press empty servers. Scroll down, then press what server that is full you want to go on. You NEED to scroll down to pick a server. If the server was full and you wanted to go in it before you scrolled down, you can do that.

What server is cadence in on club-penguin?

she is in a famous server

How do you become a server on Club Penguin?

A server is not a penguin. its what you get on at the begining of the game ex: yetie, snowplow, shiver, etc. ~Hildagard

Can you play club penguin with out server?


How do you get a server unfull on Club Penguin?

use club penguin storm

What is the ice shelf on Club Penguin?

It's a Club penguin Server!

How do you get onto a privit server on club penguin?

There is no way to get onto a private server on Club Penguin unless you use a third party program, which will get your penguin banned forever.

On club penguin what server does penguin band go on?

they always go on any random server so ppl will get an unexpected surprise!!!!!!!

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