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You can get in through one of the booths at the sport or gift shop,but u need to be a seceret agent.

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Club penguin where is Gary?

Gary is in headquarters

Is there an EPF igloo at club penguin?

No, but there is a secret headquarters.

Where is rockhoppers headquarters in club penguin?

Rockhoppers headquarters are on a ship that comes to all the parties.

How do you find the secret agent headquarters on club penguin during a puffle party on club penguin?

You can find the secret agent headquarters through the EPF room in the ski village.

How do you get out of the headquarters on Club Penguin?

u have to go to the sign that says exit

Club Penguin secret places?

The iceberg, the headquarters, the dojo and the ninja hideout.

Is the elite penguin force real on club penguin or is it just a game?

yes if you get the game club penguin elite penguin force for your DS you will be able to go in the EPF you get to it by going through the wardrobe in secret agent headquarters

How do you do the club penguin mission 9?

well, you go to the headquarters and go to "mission 9"

How do you walk through headquarters cupboard in club penguin?

yu cant its just a glitch

On Club Penguin where is g located?

You cant find G in club penguin but on special parties he may come but its very hard to find him. But if you want to do missions he is 90% in the HeadQuarters

Where is the headquarters on club penguin?

go in the telephone box next to the lodge and if you are all ready a agent then a elevator will pop up in the corner and then you go in it and then you are in the headquarters

How do you get to the hiding on club penguin?

To get to the hiding you must be a secret agent. The hiding is the HQ (HeadQuarters). You can get there either from the Winter Sports in the Ski Village or from the Spy Phone you get after you become an agent in the Elite Penguin Force. The HeadQuarters is known as the Hiding.

Where do you find the propeller on club penguin misssion 8?

In Club Penguin Mission 8, you get the propeller hat at the PSA Headquarters. Once you get the propeller hat, head to the dock so you can get the lantern after speaking with Herbert.

How do you go through headquarters cupboard in club penguin?

just walk up to it it should just open automaticly

Where is Rockhopper in Club Penguin now?

dont listen to the cack that club penguin say he only goes on every now and then for a few days then logs off but i dont believe that he's an actual person in real life i think the club penguin team headquarters or what ever they call them selves

Is there a Club Penguin heaven on Club Penguin?

NoNo, there isn't a Club Penguin Heaven.You can't die on Club Penguin.

What are the best account games?

Club penguin club penguin club penguin club penguin guffins guffins guffins

Where are FBI headquarters are located?


Can you get on the old Club Penguin?

Not on the current Club Penguin but I think that they have old Club Penguin on Penguin Chat.

Club Penguin users?

Club penguin users are the people who play club penguin.

Is there Club Penguin heaven?

There is not a club penguin heaven. On club penguin there is a HQ if you do not know about it.

What are the walkthroughs to Club Penguin?

There Is No Walkthroughs On Club Penguin Club Penguin Is A Virtual World

Who is coolorange54 in Club Penguin?

He is a famous penguin I club penguin

How do you get your penguin in Club Penguin to a silver penguin?

we cannot convert our penguin in club penguin to a silver penguin

What is the head penguin on Club Penguin called?

There is 1 head penguin in Club Penguin. If you are talking about the most famous penguin or the main penguin on Club Penguin, it is rockhopper.